• Biogenesis arthrogenx cream 2oz

ArthroGenx Cream 2 Ounce - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

ArthroGenx Cream by BioGenesis nutraceuticals has key nutrients that assist in reducing inflammatory mediators, support connective tissue repair and support proper joint lubrication and flexibility.

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ArthroGenx Cream 2 Ounce - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

ARTHROGENX CREAM by BioGenesis Nutraceuticals is designed for your patients with musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. It can be used alone or in conjunction with oral products such as: ArthroGenx capsules, Pain X, EPA/DHA, etc. This product is formulated with long-term results in mind. It will give an immediate sense of warmth and help ease pain, but unlike most topical products, it does not stop with just analgesic benefits. ArthroGenx cream has key nutrients that assist in reducing inflammatory mediators, feeding cell membranes with essential fatty acids, and supporting connective tissue repair.

In addition, the active ingredients in ArthroGenx cream promote proper joint lubrication for comfortable range of motion and flexibility. The unique blend of ingredients provided in ArthroGenx support both relief of painful symptoms and joint repair for an all encompassing approach to joint health. After an injury, initially use RICE (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate).

ArthroGenx cream is excellent during this stage of treatment. After the initial swelling dissipates continue to use ArthroGenx cream and consider discontinuing the ice treatment and moving toward gentle heat. Low-level heat will enhance circulation to the injured area and promote a more rapid resolution of the symptoms. High heat is not recommended as it could cause further injury to already damaged cells. Orally, BioGenesis PainX is also excellent to work systemically to resolve inflammation and promote a more rapid response to treatment.

ArthroGenx Cream 2 Ounce - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

Item number: BIO008

GTIN: 812806106516

Serving Per Package: 30

Suggested Use: Apply a thin layer to area of discomfort two to three times daily

Warnings: Keep out of Reach of Children

Refrigeration Required: No

Ingredients: Water, butylene glycol, isododecane,balsam copaiba resin (Copaifera officinalis),dimethicone, emu oil, stearic acid, white willow bark, extract (Salix alba), sodium hyaluronate, mukulmyrrh tree resin extract (Commiphora mukul),boswellia serrata gum extra


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