Healthforce Healing Cleanse, Level 2 / Ultimate Colon & Liver Cleanse is a 4 part system using tried and true Healthforce products together synergistically for an effective 7-day intensive cleanse, or as part of a gentle 14 to 30-day cleanse program.
  • Healthforce Healing Cleanse - Level 2

Healthforce Healing Cleanse - Level 2

Healthforce Healing Cleanse, Level 2 / Ultimate Colon & Liver Cleanse is a 4 part system using tried and true Healthforce products together synergistically for an effective 7-day intensive cleanse, or as part of a gentle 14 to 30-day cleanse program.

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Healthforce Healing Cleanse - Level 2

7 Day Intensive Power Cleanse, or 14 to 30 Day Gentle Cleanse

 In a world of so many choices, important decisions can be skewed by trends, advertising, or false perceptions. Cleanses often contain small amounts of fiber, and insignificant amounts of cleansing herbs, yet are touted to be the best, while also being priced as if they are the best.

The HealthForce Healing Cleanse holds nothing back.  It is a real, deeply therapeutic cleanse with real results.

Kit Contents:  

  • • Vitamineral Green 120 VeganCaps (x2)
  • • Intestinal Movement Formula 120 VeganCaps
  • • Intestinal Drawing Formula 260 VeganCaps
  • • Liver Rescue (Version 4+ ) 120 VeganCaps


Vitamineral Green is a unique and extremely potent combination of nature’s most deeply nourishing, cleansing, and rebuilding superfoods. Its 100% whole food ingredients are specifically grown, processed, and combined to maximize their beneficial effects. This highly concentrated powdered blend of vegetable superfoods supports healthy bones and regular bowel movements; cleanses and nourishes the blood, colon, liver, and kidneys; and provides comprehensive nutritional support to enhance all aspects of health.

The current evolution of a 14-year quest for excellence, Vitamineral Green simultaneously represents the innate wisdom of nature and the advancements of science. It combines 31 whole superfood ingredients, including land and sea vegetables, cereal grasses, fruits, algaes, enzymes, probiotics, and beneficial microflora. The extremely nutrient-dense plant ingredients contained in Vitamineral Green are enhanced by a natural, proprietary process that maximizes life-force energy.

Designed to more than replace traditional isolated/synthetic multi-vitamin/mineral products, Vitamineral Green provides a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable, nontoxic vitamins (including the entire B complex), minerals (including calcium), and trace minerals, as well as all the essential amino acids. It also contains antioxidants, fatty acids, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fiber, hundreds of carotenoids, and tens of thousands of phytonutrients.


Effective, Gentle, & Balanced - Not habit forming

A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that can adversely affect the health of the entire body.   Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are the foundation for better health.  This superior formulation (highly effective, yet gentle) was designed to produce maximum colon cleansing and proper movement with little or no discomfort.  The supportive herbal components in this formula also support digestion, the immune system, blood sugar balance and reduction of harmful microbes. 


Now with Zeolite & Carob

Nutritionally supports nourishing, soothing lubrication, plus the drawing and elimination of toxins from the entire intestinal tract.

The colon is one of our main detoxification routes. A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that can seriously and adversely affect the health of the entire body. Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are the foundation to better health. Even an apparently non-sluggish bowel that is full of anything other than mostly whole plant foods (vegan) with their fiber intact can be a significant source of poor health (fresh, raw, organic juices or purified structured water are obvious exceptions and highly encouraged). This superior formulation has been designed to draw in and absorb poisons from the bowel, allowing you to eliminate them and not reabsorb these poisons (a common, everyday occurrence for most) - essential to take during a fast to avoid auto intoxication. It also adds fibrous bulk (without psyllium that can irritate and cause bloating). HealthForce Intestinal Drawing Formula nourishes, soothes, and lubricates the intestines as it moves through.


Powerfully supports liver function cleansing & regeneration!

Keeping the liver healthy is essential to good health. Most people's livers are challenged and weakened with a toxic overload of living in the modern world. One of the liver's functions is to filter toxic materials from the blood, and if it is not functioning at optimum levels, your health is compromised. The healthier you live your life, the less stress there is on any organ, including the liver. It is our experience (using iridology and live blood cell analysis) that a large number of people have a significant level of liver stress. Usually the older and/or more toxic someone becomes, and the further away from a Vegan whole food diet emphasizing raw foods they go, the more liver stress there is.

Nearly all medical drugs can AND DO cause liver damage and
 these toxic substances are supposed to heal us? Continued liver damage leads to widespread body system failures and eventually death!  Poor dietary choices such as excess protein (especially from sources that were once living, feeling creatures), alcohol, over the counter drugs/medications and anything else that is bad for us can cause liver stress as well.

Milk Thistle can help the liver because it nutritionally supports its functioning. It can help to increase the flow of bile (which emulsifies fats and is an avenue that the liver uses to dump poisons and wastes into). When the liver is toxic, it dumps toxins into your colon via bile. Then, if you colon is toxic, (which almost everyone's is) these toxins get reabsorbed into the blood stream and much of them are sent back to the liver, and then back to the colon via bile, and then back to the liver, etc. We suggest doing a colon cleanse and eating healthfully to support both colon and liver health. The more toxic your colon and liver are, the more you need Liver Rescue to protect yourself. Much research has shown Milk Thistle to be able to protect the liver from the damaging effects of a wide variety of common toxins, including alcohol. Milk Thistle extract is so powerful it has been reported to counteract even overdose of otherwise lethal drugs! NOTE: Do NOT be foolish and intentionally overdose on drugs while taking milk thistle extract or Liver Rescue.

Milk Thistle is also a powerfully effective antioxidant, and it can increase glutathione reductase levels (this is a crucial metabolic antioxidant enzyme) in liver cells. Milk Thistle's antioxidant and other properties positively affect other areas of the body as well. It has been shown, among other things, to nutritionally support persons with skin cancer.

Healthforce Healing Cleanse - Level 2

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Healthforce Nutritionals

Item number: HFN017

GTIN: 650786000611

Form: Capsules

Refrigeration Required: No

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