ITI Man 60 Veg Capsules by Integrative Therapeutics
  • ITI Man 60 Veg Capsules

Integrative Therapeutics ITI Man, 60 count

ITI Man 60 Veg Capsules by Integrative Therapeutics

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Integrative Therapeutics ITI Man, 60 count

Why support sexual health with supplements?
To revitalize sexual performance and pleasure.
In a recent survey, 15-20% of American reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives. The right ingredients can help reinvigorate sexual drive and improve sexual satisfaction.

  • Maca enhances libido and energy levels.
  • Rhodiola has been clinically researched for support of male sexual health. In an open study, 26 of 35 men noted substantial improved support of sexual function after three months of daily use.
  • Yohimbe has been used for over 70 years to support male sexual health, and is known to support microvascular circulation in men. Further scientific research has demonstrated that yohimbine is associated with male sexual function.
  • Laboratory research of tongkat ali showed up to a 13% increase in sexual drive.
  • In a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study, 60% of male patients using panax ginseng reported support for sexual function over the placebo group.

Why use ITI Man dietary supplement?
Unique ingredients and formulation.
ITI Man was developed by Chris Kilham, a noted herbal expert, Medicine Hunter, and author of Hot Plants, a guide to herbal support for sexual fulfillment. Based on his research with native healers, ITI Man combines traditional herbs with clinically studied extracts.

The ingredients in this exclusive formula have been shown in scientific studies to increase sexual desire, support sexual function and boost the male libido.

Integrative Therapeutics ITI Man, 60 count

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Integrative Therapeutics

Item number: ITT120

GTIN: 871791000049

Refrigeration Required: No

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