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Laidback Laptop Table

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Like to work in bed? Travel a lot? Don't have a desk? The Laptop Laidback Portable Table gives you hours of stress-free computer time from the comfort of your couch, bed, or reclining chair. In less than a minute, your Laptop Laidback Portable Table is set up and ready for you to comfortably get to work. Instructions for setup are included.

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Laidback Laptop Table

Looking for a way to comfortably use your laptop computer while relaxing on the couch? Laptop Laidback is a lightweight, portable laptop table which easily sets up as a 'laidback desk,' providing you instant comfort!  No more slouching and hunching over your laptop computer and straining your neck and shoulders.  The Laptop Laidback is perfect for people who take their computers everywhere.  It sets up and breaks down in minutes, and the pieces all fasten to the table piece for easy carrying.

Laptop Laidback is specifically designed as a laptop table, laptop desk, or laptop stand that provides each user the ultimate in comfort by providing them full control and flexibility to place the laptop in the best position possible for where they're sitting. The Laptop Laidback Table is designed to accommodate users who want an adjustable laptop table so they can sit in bed, couch, lawn chair, wherever you want to relax with your laptop. 

  • Fits all Laptop computers
  • Eliminates overheating
  • Highly adjustable laptop table
  • Ergonomic for your comfort
  • Bed, sofa & recliner friendly
  • Portable laptop table
  • Quality components


Why choose the Laidback Laptop Table?  When it comes to reclining computer tables, LOCATION is everything!  The Laidback Laptop table is unique in its ability to micro adjust your laptop’s front edge within mm or fractions-of-an-inch from your abdomen. That, coupled with the Laidback Table’s angle adjusting capabilities creates a workspace of relaxed shoulders, arms and wrists. The Laidback’s purposeful design took into account the need to close that gap between the abdomen and the laptop for maximum comfort.

Have you noticed how each person using the Laidback table in the photos & video is able to keep their elbows and arms relaxed because of the small separation between the laptops front-edge and the abdomen.  Pictures of competitive products never show users lying down with elbows on bed because those products don't deliver on that critical necessity. If you only want to sit up in bed with your computer, these alternatives will get the job done. The more ergonomically friendly position of lying down to compute is delivered only by the Laptop Laidback Table.

It's not just a piece of plastic but is, in fact, an assembly of 12 components of injected high-tech material.  Each component has been carefully designed to contribute to the form and function of the resulting product.  The designers of the Laidback responded to the need for durability, rigidity and small material volume. These were achieved by carefully selecting the appropriate ratio of glass fiber to ABS material for the components.  

Incidentally, the resulting material is very similar that used in wheelchair wheels where durability and rigidity are also paramount. The product is built to last for a lifetime of comfortable work and play with your laptop.

The specifications below will reveal a light weight, very portable product. Its dimensions lend it to being easily packed into the typical airline overhead bag. Yet, when in use, it can adapt to the individuals with up to 60” waist size.


In-Use Dimensions:

  • Table surface size 16 inches x 11 inches ( 40 cm x 28 cm )
  • Minimum Clearance @ 55 degree tilt ------- 4” (10cm)        accompanying leg width  – 19” (48cm)
  • Maximum Clearance @ 55 degree tilt ------- 9.5" (24cm)    accompanying leg width – 24” ( 62 cm)
  • At Maximum Clearance product can accommodate a 60” waist ( 152cm )

Storage Dimensions:

  • 16" (41 cm) x 11” (28 cm) x 2" ( 5cm)
  • Weight: under 3 lbs ( 1.36 kg )

Other Useful Facts:

  • Material - Glass reinforced ABS
  • Additional Velcro™ included for laptop-to-table security
  • No tools required for assembly

Laidback Laptop Table

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Laidback Laptop

Item number: LLT001

GTIN: 629056000019

Refrigeration Required: No


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    "Love it!"
  1. Review by Boothby171
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    I have a bad back, and when it gets really bad, I use one of these at work (I have a wooden one for home use, anda my office bought me a plastic one for use there). It makes me productive when I would otherwise be useless. So very worth it!

    And, believe it or not, the plastic one is better than the wooden one. The fit and finish and alignment are better. The design of the plastic components are expertly thought out. (I am a mechanical engineer, so I look at the Laptop Laid-Back from a professional / technical point of view). I have always recommended these--this specific brand--to anyone who might benefit.

  2. Laidback Laptop Table 5
    "Excellent item"
  3. Review by Alexey
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    The laptop table is of excellent quality.
    Order ID: # 87673

  4. Laidback Laptop Table 5
    "Easy to assemble. "
  5. Review by Jessie
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    Serves the purpose while lying in bed. Easy to assemble. Order ID: # 74364

  6. Laidback Laptop Table 5
    "Very helpful "
  7. Review by Tiffany
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    Very helpful and sturdy. I use it everyday!
    Order ID: # 74506

  8. Laidback Laptop Table 5
    "Very useful"
  9. Review by Robert
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    Fast shipping,product as described. Very useful,finally allows me to be in a relaxed position to work on my laptop anywhere in my home.
    Order ID: # 75521

  10. Laidback Laptop Table 5
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