'Creamy' Blueberry Protein Smoothie Recipe that's Dairy-Free

January 25,2015

Although this blueberry smoothie is dairy-free, it sure doesn't taste like that when you blend in a little tofu and banana. Delicious, rich and frothy, it'll keep you going all morning long. Ingredients1 b....

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Kombucha - A New Brew Taking Over

January 23,2015

There’s a new brew beverage taking over. It’s not beer, but like beer, you can drink Kombucha out of the bottle or straight from the tap. Some varieties are even enhanced with chia seeds.What i....

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Bezoars exist, but hopefully not in your gut.

January 21,2015

Bezoars aren't just some made-up ingredient Harry Potter needed for Snape's Potions class. Turns out these lumps of undigestible material can end up your gut or GI tract. Learn more here:I've heard that eating ....

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Water vs. Fat-Soluble Vitamins

January 18,2015

There are 13 vitamins in all, and you need every single one, no exceptions. Your body must have them in very small amounts for normal growth, metabolism (creating energy in your cells), and health. You need vit....

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Superfood Breakfast Bowl - Quick & Easy Recipe

January 16,2015

I find if I start my day with a well-balanced, nutritious meal, I’m less likely to overeat later in the day or feel like I want to continuously snack between dinner and bedtime. Breakfast bowls are all th....

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The Theories Behind Diluted Homeopathic Remedies

January 13,2015

How do dilute homeopathic remedies work? This is the question that brings up a lot of controversy between believers and nonbelievers of homeopathic medicine.Homeopathic remedies are often diluted to the point w....

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