Managing Your Stress Naturally During the Holiday Season

November 26,2014

Putting aside the fourth Thursday of November each year so that loved ones can come together and share thanks for their blessings is, I believe, one of America’s finest traditions.  Having grown up i....

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Alissa's Pecan Pie Recipe - Vegan and Gluten-Free!

November 25,2014

It’s funny how every year I somehow forget that I am so obsessed with pies. In the summer it’s all about the ice cream (anything that involves chocolate!). As soon as fall comes around, th....

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Be Thankful For Social Connections

November 24,2014

When you thank your friends and family this upcoming holiday season, the reasons to do so may extend beyond good wishes, and actually benefit you and your health.Study after study has shown that social connecti....

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De-Stress Your Home Before the Holidays

November 22,2014

Your home - whether big, small or somewhere in between - should be your sanctuary, a place where stress is left at the door and your soul is nurtured. With the holidays near, spending a Sunday afternoon impleme....

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Butternut Squash Latkes

November 18,2014

This is such a great take on the classic latke, and what great timing with Hanukkah around the corner. Latkes are a popular food eaten during Hanukkah, which is December 16th to December 24th. They’re sim....

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What's the Deal with Stainless Steel Bottles?

November 16,2014

Stainless Steel bottles for water, drinks and food are quite popular these days - and for good reason. Here's not one -  but ten reasons why these bottles and containers are the healthiest option for you a....

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