Grains, Allergies and Infant Feeding

July 22,2014

Let's talk gluten, grains, and allergies for infants who are ready to eat solid food. When my youngest son turned 6 months old and was ready to start solid food, I wondered about grains (bread, pasta, cereal, e....

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Vitamin D Decreases Insulin Resistance During Pregnancy

July 18,2014

Vitamin D deficiency is thought to be common among pregnant women, and has been found to be associated with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and other tissue-specific con....

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6 Telltale Reasons why Americans Deserve GMO Labeling

July 15,2014

Fourteen years ago, I was in NYC at a conference hosted by one of the big banks, as a financial analyst covering the food industry.In that position, I learned how the food industry uses artificial ingredients t....

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Sweet and Savory Kale Salad Recipe

July 11,2014

I LOVE this salad for so many reasons! Not only does a fresh, green salad always sound good this time of year, but preparation is quick, it doesn’t heat up the kitchen, it’s my quick “go-to&rd....

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How Do Cranberries Help Your Bladder?

July 08,2014

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) effect millions of people every year, and you may have heard cranberries are helpful for preventing a UTI and maintaining a healthy bladder, but do you know how?....

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What is Mucuna Pruriens? ...aka Velvet Bean or Cowhage...

July 05,2014

Mucuna Pruirens: What It Is, And Why You Should Know About ItMucuna pruirens is not something you’ve likely encountered - that you know of.  However, if you’ve seen something called “cowh....

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