June: Nutrition At Any Age

June 02,2015

No matter what your age, nutrition effects everyone. However, there is a vast difference in nutritional needs and interests depending on the population: children, adolescents, men, women, or the elderly. Childr....

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What Is Magnesium Lotion?

May 30,2015

Why is Magnesium So Important?   Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our body. To name a few, magnesium helps regulate normal muscle and nerve function, blood pressure, and ....

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Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

May 29,2015

During a recent office potluck, Jen brought these little muffin gems in to share. Trust us, they didn't last long.  Grain-free, dairy-free and fat-free! Ingredients1 1/2 cup almond flou....

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Salt-N-Sea Body Scrub

May 26,2015

We all want radiant skin, and I love exfoliating! An exfoliant is made up of irregular textures, such as salt or sugar, which help remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. It’s important to remove ....

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Morrocco Method Boar Bristle Brushes - 8 Great Benefits

May 24,2015

The boar bristle brush is not a new invention. Boar hair has been used as bristles for brushes and even toothbrushes for hundreds of years, but why?  Boar hair is almost identical to human hair in texture ....

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What are Digestive Bitters?

May 23,2015

When you think "bitters" you may think "cocktail flavoring," but did you know this age-old herbal preparation is an exceptional primer for healthy digestion?Bitters are an infusion of alcohol and select botanic....

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