How To Make Your Own Almond Milk

August 29,2014

Eating a handful of nuts is a quick, tasty snack that’s convenient and easily portable. Nuts are also a great way to boost your energy and suppress your appetite, while also providing a healthy dose of pr....

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The Good and Bad Ingredients In Your Sunscreen

August 26,2014

Summer and beach time may be winding down, but don’t let your sunscreen use leave with it. It's easy to associate fall and winter with gray, chilly days, but most people aren’t aware that UV rays ca....

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Trail Mix And Hiking: A Perfect Match

August 22,2014

I fell in love with hiking the summer I lived in Denver, CO. My bestie and I explored many hiking trails throughout the beautiful Rocky Mountains. In my opinion, there are several components to a great hike, an....

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Zinc Up for Health!

August 21,2014

Zinc is called an “essential trace element” because it's necessary for numerous chemical processes that take place within a cell. It's required for the activity of approximately 100 enzymes and it p....

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Food Ideas For Your Day Hike

August 19,2014

What’s For Lunch? If you’re half way through a 10 mile hike, or any length hike for that matter, it’s an important question. You want food that will nourish you, strengthen you, revitalize you....

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How to Incorporate Carbs During Exercise

August 15,2014

My previous blog, "Are Carbs Important During Exercise?" is all about fueling with carbohydrates (CHO) during exercise. Today I discuss how to apply all that heavy information and provide examples of what ....

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