Kombucha - A New Brew Taking Over

January 23,2015

There’s a new brew beverage taking over. It’s not beer, but like beer, you can drink Kombucha out of the bottle or straight from the tap. Some varieties are even enhanced with chia seeds.What i....

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Gut Feelings - Can Microbes Affect our Mood?

December 05,2013

Can your mood and mind be affected by the tiny micro-organisms thriving in your gut? New research is showing that there may be a link to the bacteria living in your intestines and stomach and the moods and emot....

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Super Nutrition for Babies

June 04,2013

I’m the mom of two little boys—a 3 month old and 20 month old. Lucky (or unlucky) for them, I am pretty particular about what they eat, put on their skin, and suck and chew on. And why? Because thei....

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Probiotics During Pregnancy

February 08,2013

Probiotics and EczemaListen up all you pregnant and breastfeeding moms who suffer from allergies, eczema, hay fever, or allergy-related asthma…a recent study shows if mom takes specific probiot....

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Bad breath: Could a tongue scraper help?

January 17,2013

Question:I've always struggled with bad breath.  Could a tongue scraper help?Answer:Tongue scrapers, which are available in most drugstores in various shapes and sizes, have been touted as a way to reduce ....

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Probiotics Fight BPA?

December 12,2012

If you missed the xenoestrogens blog (Part 1) about Bisphenol A (BPA) and its health consequences, you can find it here.  BPA is everywhere.  More than likely, all of us are exposed to BPA fairly regu....

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