Detoxing Your Body After Holiday Imbibing

December 30,2014

What happened to that healthy diet that was going so well prior to the holidays?! If you’re anything like me, you feel like your body just needs cleaned out! A short-term detox diet might be the solution.....

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Liver Cleansing Drink

April 12,2014

Your liver is your body’s natural filter, but it still needs a little help, especially when it’s bombarded with processed, chemical-laden foods on a regular basis. Check out this liver cleansin....

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Detox, Cleansing and Athletes...Do They Mix?

April 04,2014

I hear about detox diets and cleanses all the time, and I bet you do too. The reports claim after a few days of cleansing, harmful toxins will leave your body, along with unwanted pounds and fat, and you’....

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April: All About Cleanses and Detox

April 01,2014

I am chomping at the bit for more warmer, brighter, beautiful days! As we say good-bye to winter weather and what seems like one holiday after another, ask yourself, “how am I feeling?" This time of year,....

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5 Reasons Water Boosts Your Metabolism

November 08,2013

Do you feel sleepy or tired? Are you less active than usual? Do you have a dry, sticky mouth? Headache? Dizziness? If so, chances are you need to drink more water.When you don’t drink enough water yo....

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Detoxification: Questions and Answers

August 23,2013

Detox comes up a lot throughout the spring and summer so I wanted to re-post a blog by Dr. Ben Lynch, ND covering some of the common questions people ask about detoxing.  Please feel free to....

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