Apple Cinnamon Maca Energy Bar Recipe

March 25,2016

A homemade bar is an excellent way to incorporate maca into your diet. Maca has an earthy taste that's mildly nutty with a hint of butterscotch, which nicely compliments the walnuts and....

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Warm Quinoa Breakfast Cereal

February 26,2016

Eating cereal for breakfast is such an American thing to do, but many cereals are high in sugar and low in nutrients. Swapping your usual sugary cereal in the morning for a bowl of nutty quinoa will give you an....

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Green Soup (but don't let the name scare you!)

February 02,2016

Green juice is all the rage right now, so why not Green Soup?!This sophisticated soup practically glows—a hint of what it can offer your body with its copious amounts of vitamins and minerals. The beautif....

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Maca Macaroons

January 26,2016

What a wonderful spin on the traditional macaroon! They’re composed entirely of plant-based, nutrient-dense, and whole foods that energize, nourish, and taste delicious.The natural ingredients in these ma....

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Holiday Detox With This Homemade Green Drink

December 29,2015

How do you feel your nutrition is going this holiday season? Personally, I've made some good choices and some not-so-great choices. Those darn homemade frosted sugar cookies!To get me back on my routine and det....

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Pumpkin Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream (Vegan, Dairy-Free)

November 20,2015

You can't go wrong with this Pumpkin Gingerbread recipe, and when you include the spiced buttercream frosting, it's simply amazing! Another cool reason to try this dessert are the impressive ingredients it cont....

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