7 Nutrition Essentials To Heal An Injury Faster

March 29,2016

When you’re injured, your body needs more of certain nutritients, vitamins, and minerals to help the heal ing process. To boost your vitamin and mineral intake, start by eating a variety of colorful fruit....

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Turmeric Tea

September 25,2015

You might recognize turmeric for its brilliant golden color or perhaps you’ve eaten it in a traditional Indian curry dish. This spice, made from turmeric root, has been used for thousands of years in both....

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Fighting Asthma's Inflammation

October 15,2013

Several years ago an important medical discovery was made about asthma---some inflammation is present in the bronchial tubes of people with asthma even when the person feels well and when their breathing is nor....

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Nourish Your Joints

September 13,2013

The mountains will be covered with snow before we know it and as a skier, this is something I'm really looking forward to. On the flip side, something I'm not looking forward to and would li....

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5 Foods to Naturally Fight Inflammation

September 06,2013

It's fairly common to experience some type of inflammation in some part of your body on a fairly regular basis, even if you don't realize it, such as what happens during exercise. As it turns out, there are som....

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Warm Spiced Sweet Potato Salad

June 18,2013

Potato salad is a summertime classic, but with all that mayonnaise, it’s not exactly what the doctor ordered for overall health! Swap your mayonnaise-laden, white potato salad for this colorful and n....

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