EleMax 60 UltraCaps by Integrative Therapeutics
  •  EleMax 60 UltraCaps
Substance Abuse

Integrative Therapeutics Ele-Max, 60 count

EleMax 60 UltraCaps by Integrative Therapeutics

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Integrative Therapeutics Ele-Max, 60 count

Why support neurochemical balance with supplements?
It's backed by science.
Research shows that nutritional supplements can have a positive impact on cognitive and behavioral development and long-term health.

Why would someone use Ele-Max dietary supplement?
It includes excellent ingredients for neurochemical balance.
5-HTP is useful for maintenance of healthy emotional states.

Vitamin B6 supports amino acid metabolism and is required for the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norephinephirine, and for myelin formation that supports healthy nerve cell transmission.

St. John's Wort offers safe and natural nutritional support for a healthy nervous system.

Eleuthero (American ginseng) and Ginkgo biloba extracts support healthy behavioral functioning.

L-tyrosine may have an effect on mood and environmental stress due to its effect on neurotransmitters.

Integrative Therapeutics Ele-Max, 60 count

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Integrative Therapeutics

Item number: ITT049

GTIN: 664915752609

Refrigeration Required: No

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