• Nutrient 950 360 Capsules - Pure Encapsulations

Nutrient 950 360 Capsules - Pure Encapsulations

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Nutrient 950 by Pure Encapsulations provides optimal nutritional support for all body systems.

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Nutrient 950 360 Capsules - Pure Encapsulations

Nutrient 950 is a complete hypo-allergenic, high-nutrient, bioavailable multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and trace element supplement. It offers an advanced mineral delivery system, and the highly desirable coenzyme forms of B vitamins to promote optimal absorption of the nutrients. In addition, it provides a high profile of free radical scavenging antioxidants. This is a gentle, hypo-allergenic formula which is well tolerated by sensitive individuals. As part of a well-balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 may reduce the risk of vascular disease.

Nutrient 950 360 Capsules - Pure Encapsulations

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Pure Encapsulations

Item number: PUR449

GTIN: 766298004204

Serving Size: 6 capsules

Serving Per Package: 360

Supplement Facts:
ascorbic acid1,000 mg.-
vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate)120 mg.-
mixed carotenoids15,000 i.u.-
-beta carotene9,000 mcg.-
-lycopene250 mcg.-
-lutein250 mcg.-
-zeaxanthin100 mcg.-
vitamin D3800 i.u.-
d-alpha tocopherol succinate (vitamin E)400 i.u.-
thiamine HCl (B1)100 mg.-
riboflavin (B2)50 mg.-
riboflavin 5' phosphate (activated B2)25 mg.-
pyridoxine HCl (B6)25 mg.-
pyridoxal 5' phosphate (activated B6)25 mg.-
niacinamide100 mg.-
inositol hexaniacinate (no-flush niacin)90 mg.-
folate (as Metafolin®, L-5-MTHF)800 mcg.-
biotin800 mcg.-
pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate) (B5)400 mg.-
methylcobalamin (B12)1,000 mcg.-
calcium (citrate)300 mg.-
magnesium (citrate)200 mg.-
potassium (aspartate)99 mg.-
zinc (picolinate)25 mg.-
manganese (aspartate)10 mg.-
iron (glycinate)10 mg.-
boron (glycinate)2 mg.-
copper (glycinate)2 mg.-
iodine (potassium iodide)200 mcg.-
chromium (polynicotinate) 200 mcg.-
selenium (selenomethionine)200 mcg.-
vanadium (aspartate)200 mcg.-
molybdenum (aspartate)100 mcg.-
 * = Daily Value Based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily intake
** = Daily Value Not Established

Refrigeration Required: No


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    "Great product!"
  1. Review by nixxa
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    I have tried several brands of multi vitamins, and this is the only one that I feel works. After 2 weeks, I've noticed more energy, better concentration, and an over overall feeling of better health. There isn't an aftertaste like some other vitamins, and these are gentle on the stomach (no nausea). It is an expensive multi, but worth every penny.

    Order # 110133

  2. Nutrient 950 360 Capsules - Pure Encapsulations 5
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