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Intestinal Repair Complex 160 g - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

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Intestinal Repair Complex by BioGenesis Nutacueticals is a supplement powder designed to support and repair small intestinal lining.

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Intestinal Repair Complex 160 g - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

Benefits of Intestinal Repair Complex ™:

  • Promotes healthy prostaglandin balance and intestinal function
  • Assists in maintaining healthy intestinal permeability
  • While both products are useful for the entire intestinal tract, IRC powder is more specific for the small intestine and IRC capsules for the large intestine.
  • Use both together for more difficult gastrointestinal issues

Intestinal Repair Complex by BioGenesis (powder and capsules) is designed to assist in the repair and restoration of a normal, healthy GI mucosal lining. Soothing, anti-inflammatory extracts of mucilaginous herbs, amino acids and enzymes make up the Intestinal Repair formula. These formulas are not designed to mask symptoms, but rather to provide essential factors for the nutritional support of healthy GI structure and function.

Precautions*: This supplement is no substitute for a qualified physician.


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Intestinal Repair Complex 160 g - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: BioGenesis Nutraceuticals

Item number: BIO058

GTIN: 812806104123

Serving Size: 2 tsp (8 grams)

Serving Per Package: 20

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 approximate teaspoons two times per day or as directed by your health care professional.

Does Not Contain:
Tree Nuts
Supplement Facts:
L-Glutamine1500 mg-
N-acetylglucosamine1000 mg-
DGL root (De-glycyrrhizinated licorice)500 mg-
Amylase5,000 FCC-
Cellulase2,500 CU-
Invertase1,200 CU-
Lactase500 FCC-
Maltase100 units-
Aloe leaf extract200 mg-
MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)200 mg-
Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis)100 mg-
Xylitol4.2 grams-
 * = Daily Value Based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily intake
** = Daily Value Not Established

Warnings: Contains Crustacean fish (from crab, lobster, or shrimp). Keep out of reach of Children.

Refrigeration Required: No

Ingredients: herbs, Amino acids, nutrients, plant enzymes, aloe vera, marshmallow root, and L-glutamine

Other Ingredients: Xylitol, Crustacean fish (from crab, lobster, or shrimp).


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    "Helping many patients"
  1. Review by Benjamin Lynch, ND
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    This is a physician favorite to prescribe for those with irritable bowel disease. I personally have prescribed Intestinal Repair Complex to loads of patients with digestive problems; especially those with celiac, ulcerative colitis and food allergies. The patients do exceptionally well with this product and it tastes quite good.

  2. Intestinal Repair Complex 160 g - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals 5
    "great product"
  3. Review by monela
    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

    Very effective product that treated intestinal problems that doctors could not figure out for 3 months. I am on a second bottle and I'm so glad I tried it.

  4. Intestinal Repair Complex 160 g - BioGenesis Nutraceuticals 5
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