• Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud, 2 lbs
  • Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud, 8 oz

Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud for Bath or Body Wrap

Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud For Bath Or Body Wrap by Torf provides a natural, effective therapy to help your body detoxify and heal. Available in 2 lb (32 oz) or 8 oz in resealable container.

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Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud for Bath or Body Wrap, 2 lbs (32 oz)
Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud for Bath or Body Wrap, 8 oz

*To the contiguous 48 states.

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Torf Spa Moor Mud Bath and Body Wrap

  • • Professional athletes use moor mud for sore muscle relief, post-workout muscle tightness, increase flexibility, spasms, sprains and fatigue.
  • • Increases body temperature which increases circulation and mobilization of wastes for excretion.
  • • Used to relieve pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles.
  • • May increase rate of healing in post-operative patients.
  • • Weak immune system patients use it routinely to increase their white blood count - AIDS/HIV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to name a couple.
  • • Used for detoxifying patients due to its ability to increase circulation, sweating and nutrient load.
  • • Excellent for insomniacs, Type A personalities and others who are under tremendous stress.

When something works as deeply as moor mud, numerous conditions get treated at the core. (List of conditions below) There are no chemicals or additives in Torf Krasno's Moor Mud. Moor Mud is also the common name for our Balneo Peat. It is a 100% natural product imported from the famous spa country of Czech Republic.

Peat baths, also known as moor mud baths, are used daily by European medical doctors to restore people's health. This moor mud spa therapy works from the inside while most therapies only alleviate surface symptoms. Tight sore muscles, joint stiffness and eczema are not surface problems. In order to effectively treat these conditions, the therapy must be penetrating, consistent and full body. A moor mud bath does this. The benefits from one moor mud bath last for days and may resolve the condition. An increase in flexibility is typically seen after the first treatment.

The natural acids and nutrients in peat are the driving force behind its healing abilities. As one aspect of peat opens the skin pores allowing nutrients in and acids out, another aspect actively draws out lactic acid and metabolic wastes from tissues. After just one treatment, your muscle aches, joint stiffness and skin health may be markedly improved. No drugs. No ointments. A natural, effective therapy for about $8.00 each treatment. How many treatments this effective are that inexpensive?

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Clinical uses

 Learn More about Moor Mud

Moor mud is a therapy quality peat ** - an organic substance, product of natural decomposition of multitudes of plants under special conditions.

Unlike other mud used in the spa industry, Torf Moor Mud contains virtually no clay (less then 3%) and consists of organic residue of herbs, flowers and grasses. Over period of thousands of years this residue was transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in the water, has unusual concentration of bio-minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the human skin to absorb. Think of it as a plant extract not from just one plant, but hundreds that reflects environment of Earth 10.000 years ago, without present day pollution. Its uncanny ability to heal, nourish and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and used scientifically in European Spas for well over a century. It is used not only to beautify, but also to cure multitude of ailments from mobility problems, arthritis, and hormonal imbalance to post surgery recovery and muscle recovery in sport medicine. Its actions are thermo-physical, biochemical, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and natural antibiotics*. Because peat has chelatic properties (it binds heavy metal isotopes) it is a very strong natural detoxifier*.

Term BALNEO-Peat refers to therapy grade of our Moor Mud which was tested to exacting standards by the Czech Ministry of Health and was certified for the use for treatment in the spa therapy (balneo-therapy). Thanks to its unique packaging, Torf Moor Mud is supplied in an non-altered natural state, enriched with highly beneficial mineral spring waters and salts of the Karlovy Vary Spa region. Torf Moor Mud has never been processed chemically or thermally to preserve all of it's benefits as recommended by European therapy practice. 

** Moor mud, moor peat, therapy peat, BALNEO-peat are different names for high quality, matured peat that is suitable for balneotherapy.


Torf Heviz Natural Organic Moor Mud for Bath or Body Wrap

Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Torf Spa

Item number: TRF013p

Does Not Contain:
Tree Nuts

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children

Refrigeration Required: No


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