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BioCare Flour and Pantry Moth Trap, set of 2

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Flour and Pantry Moth Trap by Springstar is a safe, effective, non-toxic trap that eliminates common kitchen moths, including Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, almond moths and raisin moths. Set of 2.

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BioCare Flour and Pantry Moth Trap

The Flour and Pantry Moth Trap attracts and captures adult moths such as Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, almond moth and raisin moth. These insects occur almost everywhere, and are attracted by grains, flour & pastas. The moths lay eggs in cracks and crevices near food, such as in shelving, cupboards and pantries. Adult moths emerge and fly about seeking mates.

The Flour Moth Lure uses the same chemical messenger (pheromone) that female moths use to attract male moths for mating. Male moths are drawn by the scent and are caught in the trap. Removing male moths prevents mating and egg laying.SpringStar

  • • Long-term use of the Flour and Pantry Moth Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals
  • • Place traps near where moths have been seen
  • • Traps are disposable and extremely effective and safe around food products
  • • Replace every 3 months or sooner if full of moths
  • • Use two traps at a time; they will cover up to 2500 square feet. Using more than two traps at a time tend to confuse the male moths making the traps less effective.

Box contains two traps.

SpringStar BioCare & OakStump Farms, the company

SpringStar’s BioCare and OakStump Farms lines provide effective, poison-free, non-toxic, and environmentally safe pest control products for your home and garden needs.

SpringStar’s products provide alternatives to traditional chemical pest control methods by using highly-effective insect attractants combined with easy-to-use adhesive traps. Every product is designed to be "EARTH FRIENDLY," by acting as an efficient substitute for harmful pesticides. 

SpringStar has also reduced the amount of plastic and paper used in their products, but still guarantee that they work exceedingly well. They are made to be easily recyclable, or compostable, so after using the products you can still contribute to keeping the planet green and healthy.

Founded by entomologist Michael Banfield, who has developed pest control products based on insect pheromones and biotechnology techniques. Mr. Banfield's interest in nature and his concern about the unintended effects of pesticides drives the company's goal on giving people simple, effective and economical alternatives to toxic pest control methods. 

All SpringStar BioCare and OakStump Farms products are made in the USA.

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