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Body Ecology Vegetable Starter Culture

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With Body Ecology's Culture Starter, you can make raw, cultured vegetables in your own home. Each box contains 6 serving packettes

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Body Ecology Vegetable Starter Culture

Raw cultured vegetables help reestablish your inner ecosystem, increasing beneficial lactobacilli needed for vibrant health and protecting against harmful bacteria that can cause illness. Rich in nutrients and essential enzymes, they improve digestion and increase longevity. They reduce food cravings, even for sweets, and are ideal for appetite and weight control.

With Body Ecology's Culture Starter, you can make raw, cultured vegetables in your own home. (Complete instructions are included in the box, and each box contains six packs of starter.)

The result will be a delicious, health-enhancing food that far exceeds the quality of commercial cooked, fermented vegetables, whose natural enzymes and healthy microflora have been destroyed by heating. You can also use Body Ecology's Culture Starter to make delicious sour cream or whipped butter.

In the making of raw cultured vegetables, shredded or chopped vegetables are fermented at room temperature. Friendly bacteria (lactobacilli) naturally present in the vegetables quickly lower the pH, making a more acidic environment in which the bacteria thrive and reproduce. The vegetables become soft and delicious, and acquire a somewhat “pickled” taste.

Eating these vegetables then creates a healthier micro-ecological balance in your body. In short, beneficial microorganisms thrive, and harmful ones (such as candida and E. coli) are kept in check.

Raw cultured vegetables enhance health in a multitude of ways:

  • Support functioning of the pancreas and intestine
  • Help beneficial lactobacilli thrive in the digestive tract
  • Prevent unhealthy microorganisms from gaining prominence
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Benefit pregnant women, ensuring a healthy birth canal
  • Help children with autism and ADD
  • Assist in weight control
  • Protect against cancer

Recipes for raw cultured vegetables often include cabbage, adding to their anti-cancer effect. Cabbage is one of the Brassica genus vegetables, which have been recommended by the National Cancer Institute for cancer protection, and it is rich in vitamin C. Other common vegetables used include carrots and beets, which are high in vitamin A and good sources of vitamin E.

Be creative and use your favorite vegetables, or check out the wonderful recipes for raw cultured vegetables in Donna Gates' book, Body Ecology Diet. To make your vegetables taste more like a “probiotic salad,” add organic, unrefined virgin oils, such as olive, pumpkinseed or flax, along with Himalayan crystal salt or other good quality salt, after fermentation.

While it is possible to make cultured vegetables without the Culture Starter, we recommend its use to ensure that your vegetables begin fermenting with a sturdy strain of beneficial bacteria. Body's Ecology's Culture Starter contains a very robust bacterium called L. Plantarum, to provide your raw cultured vegetables a good start.

Net weight 1 oz

Contains 6 packets of starter

About Body Ecology, the company

After years of extensive study, Body Ecology founder Donna Gates created a back-to-basics approach to restoring health and vitality by understanding the invaluable balance of the human body's "inner ecology". 

Donna Gates is a respected authority in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition. Donna coined the phrase “inner ecosystem” to describe the network of microbes that maintain our basic physiological processes from digestion to immunity.

In her 30s, Donna began searching for answers to lifetime of health issues. Several years of research and examination of her own diet led her to slowly heal from years of sensitivity and infection. She replaced her standard American diet with one rich in probiotics and fermented foods and beverages. Donna decided to put together everything she had learned into a book that would be easy for others to follow, and the Body Ecology Diet was born. Through Body Ecology, Donna is able to bring the best of medical science, naturopathy, and ancient Chinese medicine together so that everyone can access her system of health and healing.

Body Ecology offers products geared to one fundamental law of nature: the fact that our digestive systems are intimately linked to our immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems. Profoundly affecting all these interlocking systems is an amazing world of benevolent bacteria: the microscopic “good guys” that must be present in your intestines for you to be healthy.

Often forgotten or unconsidered, probiotics and enzymes are crucial to a healthy and efficient internal system. When this system is out of balance, a host of medical issues and conditions can arise.

Body Ecology's products are all designed to help cultivate, nourish, cleanse and repair the body's abundant inner ecosystem.

The Body Ecology system of health and healing is comprised of three simple dietary principals that can have a profound impact on how you feel:

• The addition of cultured foods to your diet

• Changing the quality of fats and oils you consume

• Drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and sugars

Body Ecology products are designed to restore your system’s harmony through effective nutritional therapy.

More about Donna’s contributions: Donna’s groundbreaking work has been instrumental in transforming the natural foods industry. Donna first introduced the natural sweetener stevia to the US in 1994. Her dedication to educating society on the value of coconut oil has turned the once-demonized ingredient into one promoted by holistic doctors and medical doctors alike.

Donna is also a key figure in the autism movement, working with doctors in the field who view her diet as instrumental in the treatment of the disorder.

Donna has certified hundreds of “Body Ecologists”, who passionately spread her teachings throughout the US, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand. 

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Lb. Plantarum, Lc. Lactis, Lc. Cremoris, Ln. Cremoris, glucose
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1 oz. (30 g)
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1 packet (5g)
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