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Savesta Ayurveda

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Savesta: the purest and most potent Ayurvedic herbal supplements ever created.

Savesta synergistically combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with advanced phyto-technology to bring you a potent line of standardized herbal extracts, bioactives and herbal dietary supplements.

The scientists at Savesta are experts at producing ‘full spectrum’ extracts with the highest level of potency. Sophisticated analytical testing equipment allows them to select herbs for high levels of the desired plant compounds and screen out undesirables like heavy metals and pesticides. You benefit with pure, potent and effective herbal solutions.

Savesta looks for the most earth-friendly, sustainable choice at every step in the production of their products. Savesta brings you vegetarian capsules and tablets with no animal-derived or GMO ingredients, and sustainably wildcrafted and cultivated herbs that are are non-irradiated, produced using only pure water and alcohol without using toxic solvents.

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