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Torf Moor Mud

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Moor muds are an ancient and effective all-natural health treatment that detoxify the skin and body, reduce stress, improve mobility, and reduce pain. Torf Spa’s Czech and Hungarian moor muds are packaged in a non-altered, non-processed state and are used frequently in traditional spa treatment, or balneotherapy.[END]

Torf Spa Heviz moor mud is harvested from Lake Heviz in Hungary, the oldest known thermal mineral spring lake in the world. This moor mud contains over 20% organic components and is high in bio-minerals and healthful fulvic and humic acids.

Torf Spa Czech moor mud is pollution-free with no added chemicals, having passed rigorous testing by the Czech Ministry of Health before being certified for use in balneotherapy.

Torf Spa’s moor muds are the only moor muds available in the United States that are non-pasteurized and sold in their natural state and have been tested for humic acids, radioactivity, and the presence of heavy metals.

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