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For more than 25 years, Metagenics has carried out one unique mission - to help people discover their genetic potential through nutrition. Nutrigenomics, the study of the effects of nutrients on gene expression, fuels Metagenics in the development of leading-edge nutritional supplements with unsurpassed quality.

Metagenics follows the Top 5 Quality Standards, including:

1. GMP-certified manufacturing—the ultimate quality marker.

2. Pure ingredients—identity tested on multiple levels.

3. Safety-reviewed ingredients—they won't create a formula without them.

4. Human clinical evaluations—the surest way to show effectiveness.

5. Scientific staff and facilities—one of the largest in-house scientific staff, MDs, PhDs, and others, in their industry segment.

Metagenics has an onsite research staff and medical information center with access to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications. They review published studies and articles on every new natural ingredient they consider using in their products.

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