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American Biotech Silver

American Biotech Silver
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Nestled near the majestic Rocky mountains, American Biotech Labs offers nano-silver products with SilverSol Technology. These patented silver particles are suspended in highly purified water, and compose the next generation of colloidal silver products.

Colloidal silver has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years to maintain health. In fact, before the discovery of antibiotics, silver was routinely used by doctors.

American Biotech Labs offers pure, high quality products for the entire family, including Silver Biotics (designed to boost the immune system), ASAP 365 Gel (to aid skin healing) and SilverSol Tooth Gel - a powerful cleanser for the teeth.

Committed to customers, American Biotech Labs invests heavily in research and development, as evidenced by the Learning Center on their website; over 300 reports and studies with thousands of pages of information.

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