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Vitanica, along with Dr. Tori Hudson, has vowed to bring you the best in Natural Health Care for Women. Vitanica is committed to using the highest quality, premium grade organic or wildcrafted herbs available. Vitanica uses herbs and extracts selected on the basis of purity, bioactivity, and maximal therapeutic benefit.

Dr. Tori Hudson is a Naturopathic Physician, and one of the nation’s foremost voices in the field of women’s health care and natural medicine. Dr. Hudson has been addressing the needs of women in her natural medicine health practice for over 28 years. Dedicated to education and research, and safe and effective naturopathic medicine, Dr. Tori Hudson has devoted her career to advancing women’s health. She is a national lecturer, author, educator, researcher, and is the Director of Research, Development and Education for Vitanica.

Vitanica strives to use the best ingredients in their products, and runs small batches of their products to ensure the freshest products possible.

The entire Vitanica product line is vegetarian suitable, and made with plant based capsules.

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