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MediNatura (Heel USA)

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Enhance lives with medicines from nature - that's the mission of MediNatura. Their high quality homeopathic remedies are based on the belief that healthy lifestyle choices, food choices and medicine choices can lead to an improved state of being and wellness.

Formulated according to traditional homeopathic principles, MediNatura offers an impressive assortment of products, including T-Relief Ointment and Tablets (for muscle, back and joint pain) and ReBoost Nasal Decongestant Spray. Perfect for health-conscious individuals that require non-toxic alternatives to harsh over-the-counter products.

In September 2014, MediNatura Inc. finalized the purchase of Heel Group's USA operations.

MediNatura follows the same FDA-regulated practices as Heel Inc., and most products are manufactured in the same factory in New Mexico, by the same dedicated workers. MediNatura's T-Relief line takes the place of Heel USA's Traumeel, and the ReBoost Nasal Spray is offered in place of Heel USA's Sinusin Nasal Spray.

Scott Mitchell, MediNatura's vice president of operations and director of operations for Heel Inc. explains: “MediNatura is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality, FDA-regulated products, just as we did as Heel Inc.”

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