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Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver
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Sovereign Silver by Natural Immunogenics offers pure colloidal silver hydrosols made simply from 99.99% pure silver and medical-grade water. Crystal clear and virtually tasteless. Unlike many colloidal silvers on the market, Sovereign Silver hydrosols remain unpolluted by salts, proteins, stabilizers and other additives that diminish the bio-activity of silver.

Packaged in amber glass bottles to further preserve quality, Sovereign hydrosols have the smallest average particle size ever seen (0.8 nanometers) with a safe concentration of 10 ppm (parts-per-million). The positively charged ions and particles (96% active) remain in suspension, maintaining their full active state for use within the body.

Since ancient times, silver has been regarded as a valuable tool for supporting health. The greek physician Hippocrates used it to care for wounds, and during the Napoleonic Wars, the armies of Tsar Alexander lined water casks with silver to clean drinking water from rivers and streams.

Manufactured by Natural Immunogenics, Stephen Quinto, founder, feels a special responsibility to bring this new generation of colloids (hydrosols) to those who need it. Enjoy the benefits of time-tested silver colloids without compromising quality or performance.

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