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Trusted by more professional chefs than any other blender to create fresh, flavorful dishes from whole-food ingredients, Vitamix is in a class all its own. These self-cleaning machines allow you to chop, blend, cream, purée, and more—through every course of the meal—with a single appliance. With commercial quality and unsurpassed engineering, you can buy a Vitamix once and have it for life.

Vitamix premium components include hardened,stainless-steel blades for greater durability, their containers are engineered to efficiently rotate ingredients while the Vitamix motor optimizes speed, power, and torque.

Top notch warranty: Vitamix stands behind the quality and durability of its products, covering all parts, performance, and labor for the length of your warranty.

American made: Vitamix products are built by hand in the USA with at least 70 percent American components.

From healthy juices and smoothies, to gourmet soups and sauces, lively dips and salsas, to refreshing desserts, Vitamix will soon become your most trusted appliance for delightful meals for the whole family.

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