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Cantavita Ultra Antioxidant Supplement, 60ct

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Cantavita is a cutting-edge, time-released antioxidant tablet that was created by research scientists and nutritionists to provide 24-hour protection against harmful free radicals. Cantavita helps to neutralize free radicals (the health-threatening, electron-stealing molecules that cause cell damage). Cantavita supports optimal gastrointestinal, brain, nervous system and immune health and provides cardiovascular, joint and connective tissue support.

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Cantavita is available exclusively at Cantavita's unique time-release formula ensures consistent antioxidant distribution and enhanced absorption. This easy-to-take, effective nutritional formula helps maintain steady protection from free radicals. Cantavita's proprietary antioxidant blend is loaded with polyphenols from Green Tea, such as flavonoids and tetrahydroxyquinone, and has consistently tested at extremely high levels in both the TEAC and ORAC measurements of antioxidant activity.

Flavonoids in Plants

Plants in general contain a group of compounds which chemists call flavonoids. Thousands of different flavonoids have been identified so far. These flavonoids have differing levels of antioxidant activity, some low while others are quite high.

A group of the most potent ones, called catechins, are found in green tea.

These catechins in green tea or in a concentrated extract of green tea (green tea extract), are very effective in destroying free radicals (also known as oxidants) and are thus termed anti-oxidants. Free radicals are created in every cell of the body as a consequence of energy production (production of ATP) and also created as a consequence of inflammation and of fatty acid metabolism.

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