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Cuddle Ewe California King Size Underquilt and Free Pillow

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Cuddle Ewe California King Size Underquilt is a mattress topper made from a special wool that provides the ultimate in comfort, insulation, and breathability for your bed. The wool underquilt redistributes body weight, lessening pressure on joints and allowing for a deeper, more restful night's sleep with less pain on hips, shoulders, back, and neck. Maintains a comfortable body temperature and removes moisture. The coziest, most restorative sleep is here. California King size measures 72"x84". Free Pillow.

When ordering, Cuddle Ewe kindly requests 1-2 business days for order processing. Products ship from Minnesota to USA destinations only.

Product Details

Cuddle Ewe California King Size Underquilt and Free Pillow

Cuddle Ewe Wool Underquilts are mattress toppers made from a special wool that is softer and more buoyant than others. Sleeping on a Cuddle Ewe wool mattress topper will envelop your body in comfort and relaxation, allowing for deeper, more restful, and less painful sleep.

Cuddle Ewe Wool Underquilts are 3" thick with Cheviot wool, with unsurpassed plushness, thickness, softness, and a natural resilence. A layer of heavy cotton ticking material wraps around the wool underquilt. 

Many of Cuddle Ewe's extremely satisfied customers previously suffered from sleepless nights as a result of fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other aches and pains. Cuddle Ewe customer's rave about the quality of sleep they get with their mattress topper, and love to recommend it to friends! 

"I have noticed a huge difference in my sleep since purchasing my Cuddle Ewe and would definitely tell anyone considering buying one to go for it!" - Mary H.

"I have had my Cuddle Ewe for 9 years and it is still as comfy as new... I have the perfect bed now." - Heather

Less Pain, Better Sleep

The unique resiliency of Cheviot wool gently yields to the contours of your entire body, supporting your body weight and diffusing it more evenly over the mattress. The weight is less concentrated on joints and contact points, giving you a sensation of lightness. Float off to sleep in cradled comfort sooner, and sleep longer. Cuddle Ewe underquilts result in less tossing and turning, allowing for a deeper, more relaxing sleep. Wake feeling refreshed and revived. 

Insulated and Breathable for ultimate comfort

Cuddle Ewe wool mattress toppers are breathable and insulated. The Cuddle Ewe will maintain your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and surprisingly cool in the summer. You are suspended on an insulated layer of air that keeps you comfortable no matter the temperature. The wool fibers in the underquilt will also absorb any moisture given off by the body while you are in bed, and later disperse it. You stay dry and comfortable all night long.

Naturally Flame Resistant

Wool is naturally flame resistant, making Cuddle Ewe a safer alternative to synthetic mattress toppers. Unlike synthetic fibers which are flammable and often treated with toxic nonflammable material, Cuddle Ewe wool is virtually flame resistant. In the event of a fire, Cuddle Ewe underquilts may smolder, but will not burn. 

Easy to Use

Simply place the Cuddle Ewe underquilt directly on top of your mattress, and then cover with your bottom sheet The weight of the wool mattress topper and the sheet on top will keep it in place. 

The California King size Cuddle Ewe Underquilt measures 72"x84", and comes with a free wool pillow to cradle your head and neck with softness. 


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