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Cuddle Ewe King Size Underquilt and Free Pillow

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Cuddle Ewe King Size Underquilt is a mattress topper made with wool wrapped in cotton. Cuddle Ewe's unique Cheviot wool supports the body, lessening pressure and pain on joints and contact points, and redistributing body weight across the mattress. The breathable underquilt helps regulate body temperature and keeps you dry all night. The 3" thick mattress topper will envelop you in supportive softness, resulting in the deep, restorative, and restful sleep you crave. King size underquilt measures 78" x 80".  Free gift with purchase: wool pillow! (California King size is also available)

When ordering, Cuddle Ewe kindly requests 1-2 business days for order processing. Products ship from Minnesota to USA destinations only.

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Cuddle Ewe King Size Underquilt and Free Pillow

What keeps you up at night? If joint pain and pressure have you tossing and turning, or if you wake constantly due to temperature issues and moisture, the Cuddle Ewe mattress topper is what you have been looking for.

Cuddle Ewe wool underquilts are made from a unique Cheviot wool that is unsurpassed in thickness, plushness, and resiliency. Cuddle Ewe mattress toppers will support your body while redistributing your weight evenly across the mattress. Pain and pressure is lessened on joints and contact points, meaning you can sleep longer in one position, and cease restless tossing and turning. The underquilt is 3" thick with wool fibers and wrapped in a soft, breathable cotton. You feel light and airy, and will literally float off to sleep. 

Cuddle Ewe wool underquilts are made from natural, breathable materials. The air pockets that naturally form in between the wool fibers allow the underquilt to maintain your body temperature at a constant 98.6°. That means you stay warm when its cold out, and when the temperatures rise you will keep your cool thanks to the insulating properties of the Cuddle Ewe. 

Cuddle Ewe mattress toppers will also wisk away body moisture that occurs during the night, pulling it away from your body and releasing it back into the air. You stay dry and comfortable all night.

Cuddle Ewe mattress toppers are naturally flame resistant. Unlike synthetic toppers, often treated with toxic chemical fire retardants, the Cuddle Ewe is safe and nontoxic. 

The King sized Cuddle Ewe Underquilt comes with a free gift of a wool pillow, to softly cradle your head and neck with soft support. 

King size measures 78" x 80".  - California King size is also available. 

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