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Dastony Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Butter, 8 oz

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  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

Dastony Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter is a creamy spread made from raw pumpkin seeds. These antioxidant rich seeds are sprouted, then stone ground into a silky smooth seed butter. Certified organic, raw, sprouted, and stone ground. 8 oz glass jar

Product Details

Dastony Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter

Only the finest, certified organic, raw pumpkin seeds are used in every handcrafted batch of Dastony's Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter. Dastony uses the ancient method of stone grinding to create their gourmet, silky smooth nut and seed butters. 

Every batch of Dastony stone-ground gourmet butters starts with the selection of the finest ingredients, then is handcrafted and meticulously cared for in a process that can take 24 to 48 hours to complete. This time and attention is well worth the results; each Dastony gourmet spread still maintains all of its nutritional integrity.

Dastony Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter is made from sprouted raw pumpkin seeds. These seeds are full of antioxidant power that can reduce inflammation. Pumpkin seeds are rich in cholesterol lowering phytosterols; they are also loaded in essential minerals like manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, tryptophan, iron, copper, protein, zinc and vitamin K.

Sprouting the raw seeds neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors present in dry seeds and nuts, and starts the production of numerous beneficial enzymes. If that wasn't enough nutritional punch, Dastony ensures that its butters never exceed temperatures of 118°F, meaning you get the full nutritional and enzymatic value of its raw nut and seed butters. 

 Enjoy Dastony Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter

  • • With a spoon, right out of the jar
  • • On toast, breads, crepes, or ice cream
  • • instant seed milk- simply blend with water
Crafted in a facility that also handles raw tree nuts and seeds but does not process any soy or dairy. 
Some separation may occur. Stir well. Refrigeration not required. 
Each hand crafted batch of Dastony Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter is certified organic, raw, kosher, sprouted, stone ground, gluten-free, and made in the USA.

 8oz/ 227g

About Dastony, the company

Dastony is a family owned company with uncompromising standards of purity, taste and integrity. The inspiration for Dastony came from the desire to deliver the healthiest and smoothest nut and seed butters, while maintaining their core values. Dastony knows the benefits that can be achieved through quality ingredients, and works tirelessly to ensure they are producing the best tasting products available.

The Dastony Process

Dastony uses an ancient method known as stone-grinding in the production of its hand crafted gourmet butters. Originally used for turning olives into luscious and delicious olive oil, stone-grinding applies pressure with powerful, perfectly smooth granite wheels.

Stone grinders have been used for over 2 million years from making olive oil to sesame paste. In ancient times people would use animals like elephants and mules to help push the large granite wheels.

Although “old world” in its approach, stone grinding is revolutionary in terms of preserving nutrients and flavor. This natural preservation is accomplished by maintaining a consistently low temperature throughout the entire process.

The result of this old world, stone grinding process? Nut and seed butters have a silky smooth texture and a mouth feel that is truly beyond compare.

Dastony’s commitments to raw, vegan, and organic

Dastony uses only the highest quality, certified organic nuts and seeds in all of its products. Preservatives are never added to any of their Gourmet Nuts and Seeds; and, from farm to jar, Dastony is always chemical free.

Dastony believes that it is critical the fats found in nuts and seeds are never heated “cooked” above 118° F, in order to keep the highly sought after ‘healthy fats’ from becoming ‘bad fats’. Dastony’s unique process never subjects the ingredients to temperatures that exceed this threshold.

Animal products are never used in Dastony products, and never will be. 


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Suggested use
Some separation may occur. Stir well. Refrigeration not required.
Crafted in a facility that also handles raw tree nuts and seeds.
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8 oz
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2 tbsp
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Use Ice Pack
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