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Dr. Mercola Countertop Water Filter

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Dr Mercola Countertop Water Filter uses a selective filtration process to help remove harmful contaminants from your drinking water while retaining beneficial minerals like potassium and calcium. Uses a 5 stage dual cartridge system to deliver the purest, cleanest water available at the touch of a button. 

Product Details

Dr Mercola Pure & Clear Countertop Water Filter

Dr Mercola Pure & Clear Countertop Water Filter is a home filtration system that removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant tastes and odors. For less than 10 cents per gallon, each cartridge lasts for 6 months/ 500 gallons. 

A multi-stage selective filtration process reduces specific contaminants while allowing natural trace minerals to remain for sparkling, clear drinking water for the whole family. Easily installs in seconds without tools. 

Certified Filtration process removes:

  • • Chlorine
  • • Lead
  • • VOCs
  • • THMs
  • • MTBE
  • • DBPs
  • • Benzene
  • • Cysts

Dr Mercola Pure & Clear Countertop Water Filter is certified by the California Department of Health, is easy to use and easy to install. 

FAQs answered by Dr Mercola

Q: How can I tell if there are contaminants in my water?

A: All public water systems contain some level of one or more unhealthful chemicals. Regulations only require periodic testing of about 91 chemicals. There are many chemicals used in our society with over 1000 new ones being developed each year.

Contaminant levels fluctuate throughout the year making it impossible to know the actual level of contamination in a central water system. So far, over 2100 toxic chemicals have been detected in America's water systems. There's an excellent chance many are in your water, too. However, the contaminants discussed above may not be present in your particular water system.

Q: Does the Pure & Clear Water Filtration system remove fluoride?

A: Fluoride is not one of the contaminants that the Pure & Clear system is certified to remove. However, there is usually a moderate reduction in fluoride levels in water filtered by the Pure & Clear. If you are concerned about the presence of some remaining fluoride in your water, then you'll need to consider a Reverse Osmosis filter.

Q: Can the Pure & Clear products be used on well water?

A: The Pure & Clear filters are intended for use on municipally treated water and are not warranted for use on private wells. In most situations, these filters will work fine on well water as long as it is drinkable water.

The Pure & Clear should not be used on wells that are non-potable due to excessive bacteria. Wells with such high levels of iron or sulfur that cause staining of sinks and plumbing fixtures should not be used with the Pure & Clear.

Q: How do you know when the filter cartridges need to be replaced?

A: The countertop system is rated for 500 gallons or 6 months without any loss of effectiveness. The performance testing for this product was run to a 1000-gallon capacity with no loss of effectiveness to allow for an adequate safety margin. As long as you replace the filter cartridges every 6 months, you can be sure of peak performance.

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Dr Mercola
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