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Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein

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Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein, Vanilla, 1 lb 15 oz
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Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein, Chocolate, 1 lb 15 oz
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Dr Mercola Pure Power Protein is a high quality whey protein developed for athletes. This unique formula contains an exclusive blend of Immuno Whey, chia seeds, and probiotics to naturally support muscle nourishment and recovery. This low-glycemic whey protein is free from refined sugars, sugar alchohol, fructose, or artificial ingredients. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate. 1 lb 15 oz/880g.

Product Details

Dr Mercola Pure Power Protein 

Pure Power Protein is formulated to provide high quality protein with high biological value and great nutritious potential for immune support and muscle nourishment. Athletes looking for a natural source of quality protein and natural muscle building and recovery ingredients will benefit from Pure Power Protein, with 20g of protein in every serving. 

What is Whey Protein?

Dr Mercola Pure Power Protein uses whey as a protein source. The whey in Pure Power Protein comes from milk from cows that graze on pesticide-free, chemical-free, natural grass pastures. These cows are never subject to hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, hyper-immunizations, injected pathogens, or bovine growth hormones. Fresh, raw milk contains a number of beneficial compounds, including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), human growth factors, immunoglobins, and peptides. 

Whey Concentrate vs Whey Isolate

Pure Power Protein uses organic whey concentrate from raw, unpasteurized milk from pasteurized cows that has been cold processed to avoid heat damage. Whey isolates, commonly found in protein powders, are typically derived from pasteurized dairy, and are processed with heat and acid. This damaging process remvoes fat that contains beneficial phospholipids, phosphatidylserine, and cortisol. It can remove immunoglubins that bind to fat molecules, and removes key amino acids and nutritional co-factors. The cold processed whey concentrate used in Pure Power Protein ensures that you get all of the nutritional benefits found in raw milk.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been included in Dr Mercola Pure Power Protein. These tiny seeds are high in fiber, protein, and essential oils. This staple of the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec cultures was much revered for its energy and power-providing properties. Including chia seeds in Pure Power Protein includes more natural fiber into the formula. The chia seeds in Pure Power Protein are a "superfood", and their high fiber content helps then to support weight management, blood sugar levels, detoxification and regularity, and can play an important role in overall weight management.

Immune Supporting Componants of Pure Power Protein

Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein contains probiotics to boost immune support and strength. Did you know that over 80% of your immune system is located withing your gut? Probiotics introduce billions of microflora ("good" bacteria") to your digestive system. Without adequate "good" bacteria in your gut, "bad" bacteria is left unchecked to wreck havoc on your health. Including probiotics into your daily routine ensures that you maintain the delicate balance in your digestive system necessary for immune strength and support. 

Probiotics can also help your body to synthesize leucine, an amino acid necessary for muscle building. This branched chain amino acid causes protein to be created and muscles to be developed. Combining probiotics with whey protein, a natural source for leucin, adds to the muscle building powers of Pure Power Protein.

Naturally Sweetened

Many inferior protein powders on the market contain chemical sweeteners, sugar alcohols, glycerin, fructose (or even gluten). Pure Power Protein tastes great, and is sweetened with naturally-occuring digestive resistant maltodextrin. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, natural maltodextrin is a water soluble fiber that is low glycemic and GMO-free. In addition, this naturally-occuring fiber acts as a pre-biotic: a nourishing "food" for probiotics, allowing them to work more effectively to support digestive and immune strength. 

For centuries, a Chinese gourd and cousin to the cucumber has been used as a natural sweetener. Luo Han fruit contains compounds called mongrosides that are about 300 times sweeter than sucrose. Mongrosides contain barely any calories and the body processes them differently than carbohydrates. Insulin levels do not rise, and they aren't broken apart to provide energy. This makes Luo Han fruit an ideal addition to Pure Power Protein, adding another level of natural sweetness. 

Why Choose Pure Power Protein?

Dr. Mercola Pure Power Protein is a premium product designed to boost your overall health and fitness levels. For those seeking additional support for muscle development, or more demanding about enhancing overall health. Pure Power Protein contains high-quality whey protein, Chia seeds for additional fiber and energy, and probiotics to enhance immune and digestive health. 

Available in two all-natural flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate

This product carries the California Prop 65 warning. Contact Dr. Mercola Inc. for more information.

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Suggested use
Mix two scoops (40g) with 8 oz water or milk until desired consistency is reached. May be taken two to three times daily.
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains dairy and lecithin (derived from GMO-free sunflower seeds). Manufactured in the same facility as peanut containing products.
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Use Ice Pack
Dr Mercola
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