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Dragon Herbs Lights Out, 60 count

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Dragon Herbs Lights Out is an effective and safe herbal formula intended for occasional sleeplessness. Deep, peaceful sleep is essential for radiant health. The herbs in Lights Out will also build Qi and Jing. For those having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. 60 capsules 


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Dragon Herbs Lights Out

Chinese tonic herbs are very effective at helping people to sleep more soundly.  These non-narcotic, extremely safe herbs help calm emotions like worry, fear, and anxiety. Formulations combining these herbs let you relax. Simultaneously they build Qi and Jing, the vital energy of the body. Deep, peaceful sleep is essential for radiant health. This is the time when your body heals and regenerates tissue, and it is the time when the mind sorts out the world and becomes refreshed. You should be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep without being easily awakened, unless their is an emergency, in which case the mind should be ready to react. For those having problems falling asleep or staying asleep. 

Lights Out is a formula designed specifically to promote deep, sound sleep. It is not really a “sleeping pill” as one is used to. It is deeply relaxing. After taking the formula for a few nights, sleep will become deeper.

Lights Out is a powerful Shen stabilizing sleep aid. This formula helps you to relax and thus to fall asleep easily and without side effects. It’s main active ingredient is L-Theanine, which promotes sound, deep, satisfying sleep when used in combination with sedative herbs. Sleep is sound and peaceful.

Lights Out can be used with the following herbal tonics: 

  • • Bupleurum and Dragon Bone Combination is the premier anti-stress formula used in Asian medicine. If you have difficulty sleeping due to tension, this formula may be the answer to the problem. It is relaxing and is especially good for strong people who can’t sleep because of the stresses of work and relationships.
  • • Reishi Mushroom Capsules are an excellent addition to this program. Reishi, when taken at night, is very calming and promotes deep sleep.

The Importance of Sleep

Generally, formulas that help people to sleep are believed in China to benefit the Heart energy, as it is defined in Chinese health philosophy. If you have trouble falling asleep, you are said to be Heart Yin deficient. If you have trouble staying asleep, you are said to be Heart Blood deficient. Therefore, if you have trouble falling asleep, you will consume herbs that build Heart Yin – that is, a Heart Yin tonic. If you have trouble staying asleep, you will take a Heart Blood tonic. These formulations are designed to rebalance the situation, not just to knock you out.

Sleep is an essential element of health. Without deep sleep, physical and emotional disorders are inevitable. In order to sleep soundly, you need to be able to relax. If the body and mind are in balance and the systems are in harmony, you should sleep very well. In that case, you should need no special herbs to help you to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Achieving that state of balance is the goal of taking Chinese tonic herbs. Therefore, the following program should be considered only a temporary step on the path toward radiant health.

People’s sleep requirements vary widely. People who exercise heavily, require more sleep in order to repair tissue. When one awakens, they should feel refreshed and eager to begin the new day. They should feel energy immediately upon awakening. If you awaken tired every morning, you are Jing deficient.

It is best not to eat too soon before sleep. It is obviously not a good idea to consume caffeine or other stimulating nutrients within several hours of sleeping. Good exercise always helps people to sleep better.

“An honest person sleeps well. A person at peace with themselves sleeps best.”

Emotions should be stilled so that worry, anger, fear and the other emotions do not prevent sound sleep. The Zen master can fall asleep at will, within moments of making the decision to sleep. They will, however, be able to awaken instantly if they need to. You should be able to do the same.

Shen tonics have spectacular benefits for people with insomnia. Over a period of time, you will not require Shen stabilizing formulas or any particular sleep-inducing herb or formulation. But you will need to maintain the three treasures, so a tonic program will be of great value at all times.

Traditional Function: Stabilizes Shen, nourishes the heart

Who can use it? Those who seek a good night’s sleep

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 60 Capsules 500 mg each

Ingredients: Zizyphus seed, L-Theanine,  Polygonum multiflorum stem, Spirit Poria sclerotium, Oriental Biota seed, Polygala root,  Honey Fried Chinese Licorice root

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Pullulan caps 100% natural, water-soluble polysaccharide produced through a fermentation process; vegetable origin; non-GMO; no starch, preservative or chemical modifications; gluten free.), rice powder.

Usage: Take 2 to 4 capsules before bedtime or as directed by a healthcare professional

Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”

About Dragon Herbs, the company

Dragon Herbs was founded by Ron Teeguarden, a professional practitioner and teacher of holistic Asian health. Ron is recognized as the premier spokesperson for Chinese tonic herbalism in America, after spending decades teaching the concept of promoting health through Chinese Tonic Herbs.

For thousands of years, Asian herbalism has been used as a way to naturally maintain health. These tonic herbs safely promote ones health and healthy aging, and support “radiant health”, including increased longevity, emotional balance, resistance to disease, superb vitality, and maintenance of youthfulness. 

To be considered a Superior Tonic herb, that herb must have been found to meet specific qualifications over many centuries of human use, including: 

  • • Possess anti-aging and longevity characteristics
  • • Profound health-promoting actions
  • • Balance emotional and psychic energy to improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing and happiness
  • • No negative side effects when taken continuously 
  • • Be easily digestible and assimilated, and taste good enough to be easily consumed
  • • Must contain at least one of the “three treasures”

The Three Treasures

In traditional Asian healthcare, there are said to be Three Treasures, or three primary types of energy in the body. These energies are known as treasures because they are the basis for life. The three treasures are Jing, Qi, and Shen, also known as Essence, Vitality, and Awareness. True health and happiness cannot be obtained unless all three treasures are valued and not wasted. 

The Dragon Herbs line of herbal tonics is based on these superior herbs. Using herbs from their natural sources combined with cutting edge modern technology, Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs provide a broad and complete program of superior tonics to help promote radiant health on every level of your being. 


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Zizyphus seed, L-Theanine,  Polygonum multiflorum stem, Spirit Poria sclerotium, Oriental Biota seed, Polygala root, Honey Fried Chinese Licorice root, vegetarian capsule, rice powder
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60 Capsules
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Dragon Herbs
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