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Dragon Herbs Supreme Shen Drops, 2 fl oz

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Supreme Shen Drops is the "Peaceful Spirit" formula. It has a calming, anti-stress action. It calms the mind and relieves anxiety, worry, fear, anger, and all sorts of emotional instability. It is also a very powerful brain tonic. Sustained use of this formula can improve memory and overcome mental exhaustion caused by overuse of the mind. This powerful Shen tonic is an uplifting, spirit freeing extract of the premier Shen tonic herbs of the Orient. Contains a full dose of wild Reishi, Tibetan Rhodiola sacra and other major Shen tonics. A very concentrated 8:1 extract. 2 fl oz.

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Dragon Herbs Supreme Shen Drops

Supreme Shen Drops contains an extraordinary range of Shen tonic herbs, including Wild Asparagus Root, Longan, Albizzia Flower, Spirit Poria, Wild Reishi, Tibetan Rhodiola, Polygala, American Red Ginseng, and Guilin Sweetfruit. These herbs have the power to calm the mind, stabilize the emotions and lift the spirit.

Wild Asparagus root directly affects the Heart, the "Seat of Shen" by stabilizing the emotional component of the Heart, removing heat from the Heart and allowing the Heart to communicate with the Brain and Kidneys. Albizzia flower is a wonderful herb that has a very calming effect on the spirit. Wild Reishi is the premier Shen tonic of all herbalism. Tibetan Rhodiola sacra is the most sacred herb used in Himalayan herbalism. Himalayan Rhodiola directly tonifies the organs and functions associated with Shen and provides a basis for higher consciousness. It has antidepressant effects and strengthens the mind. Ginseng has been revered for three thousand years as a Shen tonic. Longan is a Heart blood tonic. By supplying more blood to the Heart, the Heart can become calm and peaceful.

All of the herbs in Supreme Shen Drops calm the emotions and help ease emotional pain.

What is a Shen Tonic?

Shen is the third treasure. Shen is our spirit. It may also be translated as our higher consciousness. This is ultimately the most important of the three treasures because it reflects our higher nature as human beings. Chinese masters say that Shen is the all embracing love that resides in our Heart. Shen is expressed as love, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance. It manifests as our wisdom and our ability to see all sides of all issues, our ability to rise above the world of right and wrong, good and bad, yours and mine, high and low, etc. Shen is our higher knowledge that everything is one, even though nature manifests dualistically and cyclically, often obscuring our vision and creating illusion.

Shen is the spark of divinity within each human being.  Shen is the spiritual radiance of a human being and is the ultimate and most refined level of energetics in the universe.  It is associated with our awareness of and oneness with the Universal Infinite Being, and is manifested in our own godliness.  Shen is not considered to be an emotion, or even a state of mind.  It presides over the emotions and manifests as all-encompassing compassion, and non-discriminating, non-judgmental awareness. Shen manifests not only as our love and compassion, but also as our mental and intuitive energy.

Chuang Tzu, one of China's greatest Daoist sages, once wrote: 

                                    "When the shoe fits the foot is forgotten,

                                    When the belt fits the belly is forgotten

                                    And when the heart (Shen) is right,         

                                    For and against are forgotten."

This quote expresses quite exquisitely an aspect of Chinese Daoist philosophy that is absolutely central to the attainment of health.  Very simply, Chuang Tzu is saying that one cannot attain high spiritual levels until one has learned the art of balance.  One who seeks true happiness must achieve balance in their lives.  Imbalance is the source of stress that distracts Shen’s attention away from its higher path.  But when there is balance and harmony in one's life then “the heart,” or Shen, has an opportunity to develop and attain a state of enlightened all-embracing acceptance of things as they really are, transcending the notions of good and bad, right and wrong, for and against. 

It is taught in Chinese philosophy that Shen naturally rules our lives, but if we lose our emotional balance (which we all do), then the ego and the various emotions compete for dominance and Shen withdraws and becomes hidden. Immoderate behavior is brought about by a lack of understanding of the laws of nature which promotes selfishness.  We develop addictions to particular egoistic attitudes and to the emotions that help manifest our egoistic goals.  Anger, greed, fear, worry, sorrow, frustration, uncontrolled and excessive worldly joy, the perpetual seeking of pleasure in the things of this world of relativity and illusion, are all examples of the types of mental states that force Shen into hiding, often for the duration of one's life.   If Shen is weak, then the person becomes ruled by emotions and passions and the true desires of Shen are covered by the demands of the body and of the lower self.  The person constantly craves excitement and novelty but these things do not satisfy the heart and the person is frustrated, lonely and depressed.            

An ancient classic says: 

                                    "If the master is brilliant, his subjects are peaceful. 

                                    If the master is disturbed, then his twelve officials are in danger."  

The "master" is Shen, and the "twelve officials" are the twelve organ systems of the body.

The great spiritual paths of the world have all attempted to teach their followers that it is necessary to temper excessive desires and imbalanced emotions so that Shen can naturally regain its position as the ruler of our lives.  The Chinese Daoists have long practiced a spiritual path that emphasizes living in harmony with Nature.  They have stressed the idea of living a balanced life that flows with the seasons and various cycles of life, constantly adapting to each situation so as to minimize stress and allow Shen to rule unhindered by excessive desire.  Living so closely with nature, the Daoist masters have realized that the body, mind and environment were one and that these need to be cultivated in such a way as to allow the process of spiritual growth to proceed most fluidly. 

In fact all activities are directed by Shen: thinking, seeing, speaking, hearing, exercising, working and loving are all different functions of Shen.  In health, these activities are performed pleasantly and rhythmically, but in sickness we see changes in all the human functions and activities, and there is a lack of mental clarity and actions become disturbed. Jing and Qi support Shen, and if they are wasted (dissipated) Shen will suffer. If Shen suffers, it becomes shaken and withdraws. When the emotions are not subordinate to Shen, they strive for dominance amongst themselves and this struggle eventually affects the organs and disharmony and disease follows.  This is why moderation is regarded in the Orient as the supreme way of health, happiness and longevity. Immoderate behavior is brought about by a lack of understanding of the laws of nature which promotes selfishness.

Herbal remedies are capable of helping with many problems.  But unless they help to raise the level of consciousness of those who use them, they are doing little.  For this reason, the true tonic herbalist is always striving to open up Shen and discover  the nature of Shen.

There is a great, age-old secret method of developing Shen. The way to develop Shen is to give .  By seeing the divine beauty in all things and thus becoming a channel of divine love, we can rise above the small egotistical motives that drive most people's lives.  The reward for true giving is Shen.  It does not matter whether or not you are paid for your service, because it is what is in your heart and what flows from it that determines how your Shen will unfold.  If you give all of your caring, love and wisdom, and truly try to help in whatever way you can, your reward will be far greater than the financial reward of the moment. 

It is necessary also to develop Jing and Qi so that Shen has a body to survive in and through which it may radiate.  The three treasures form the very core of all traditional Oriental healing and health maintenance, but are often overlooked today.  To forget them is to forget the very basis of the Oriental healing arts.  It is possible to practice the Oriental healing arts at many different levels.  But only by working at the level of the three treasures can one be said to be working at the level of the masters.                       

Certain true Shen tonic herbs encourage the opening up of Shen. There are also Shen "stabilizers" which help stabilize our emotions so that Shen (our higher self) re-emerge and rule our lives. The emotions are allowed to play themselves out, but not to dominate our lives and become obsessions or even addictions. Shen tonics have been used by the great sages of the Orient to help in their quest for enlightenment and harmony with God, Nature and all of Mankind.

The herbs in Supreme Shen Drops

Asparagus root

Wild Asparagus root is a marvelous Shen tonic and Yin tonic. It was credited by Chinese wise men and women as being able to open the heart, prolong life, and also to tonify the sexual functions of both men and women. It is also traditionally used in Chinese herbalism as a major lung tonic, and is widely used to add luster to the skin. It is also said that those who consume Asparagus over a long period of time come to feel so light and buoyant that they feel like they can fly.

Longan Fruit

Longan is a wonderful and delicious tonic fruit used by the Chinese as a blood tonic, to nurture the heart, and to add luster and beauty to the skin. It is believed among the Chinese people that Longan is not only a great tonic for the skin, but is also a fantastic sex tonic. For that reason, Longan is considered as a special tonic for women who wish to be both beautiful and sexually active — it has a 2000 year reputation as a love tonic. It is said that the most beautiful woman in the history of China, Yang Kuei Fei ate Longan every day. Longan is equally beneficial to men. It is believed to have a calming effect and to add radiance to the eyes. 

Spirit Poria

Poria is very widely used in Chinese herbalism. It is traditionally used as a Qi tonic to benefit the internal organs. It is a solid fungus that grows on the roots of old pine trees. It is mildly diuretic and sedative, and is considered to be highly nourishing. This is an herb that has been widely used by Taoists through the centuries and was often consumed as a primary food source by Taoist hermits. A special variety of Poria known as “Spirit Poria” is considered a premium Shen tonic herb. It is the part of the Poria mushroom that contains the root of the old pine tree, upon which it has grown. Spirit Poria is said to benefit the heart, to nourish the Spirit and to lead to a long and happy life. It is often used by those wishing to overcome anxiety, worry, fear, etc. This is a very special herb traditionally used by Taoist adepts to help attain enlightenment.

Wild Reishi

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidium) is the most revered herbal substance in Asia, ranking as the elite substance for the attainment of radiant health, longevity and spiritual attainment. It ranks in Asia with Ginseng, Deer Antler, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps as a pre-eminent tool in the attainment of radiant health.  It has maintained that position for at least 3000 years, and its reputation and value are only increasing.  Numerous legends provide a rich and extensive record of Reishi in Asian society. 

Reishi has traditionally been used as an anti-aging herb, and has been used for many diseases and disorders as well. It has long been a favorite tonic food supplement by the Chinese Royal family and virtually any one who could obtain it. Reishi was particularly revered by the followers of the Taoist tradition as the "Elixir of Immortality." Taoists have continuously claimed that Reishi promotes calmness, centeredness, balance, inner awareness and inner strength. They have used it to improve meditative practices and to protect the body, mind and spirit so that the adept could attain both a long and healthy life and “spiritual immortality” (enlightenment). Due to its rarity in the past, the common people could rarely obtain a Reishi mushroom, and it was popularly revered as a greater treasure than any jewel.

Tibetan Rhodiola root

Tibetan Rhodiola is a relatively rare herb that grows in one of the harshest environments in the world. In the Orient, it is called “Plateau Ginseng,” and the Tibetans considered Rhodiola to be a sacred herb. It has been used by the Tibetan people as a powerful adaptogenic vitalizer and as a substantial medicinal agent since the beginning of Tibetan civilization. Rhodiola has also been prized by the Chinese and was very positively reviewed in the first Chinese herbal classic over two thousand years ago. Three closely related Himalayan species are used interchangeably and there is no substantial difference in their tonic qualities: Rhodiola sacra, Rhodiola himalensis, and Rhodiola crenulata. Rhodiola rosea is a significantly different plant that grows primarily in Russia. For over a thousand years, the Himalayan varieties have been considered to be the superior varieties. Tibetan Rhodiola has traditionally been regarded as a life-prolonging, wisdom enhancing “superior herb.” However, the rarity of Tibetan Rhodiola has prevented it from becoming a well-known commodity outside of Asia until now. This incredible herb was used by the Tibetan monks to enhance their inner spiritual power, the power of concentration and physical endurance. It has undoubtedly played a major role in the development of Tibetan culture.

Tibetan Rhodiola is in many ways more powerful than ginseng. It is a superb herb for people who work very hard, either physically or mentally. It reduces the body's stress reactions and reduces mental stress. 

Polygala root

Polygala is one of the truly extraordinary tonic herbs in the entire Asian tonic herbal system. This herb first attained wide use in Taoist circles because it was believed to have powerful mind and spirit-developing power. In fact, Polygala root was believed to be an empowering substance in the class with wild Ginseng and Ganoderma in this regard.  This root is traditionally used as a Shen tonic to relax the mind, calm the emotions and to aid in the sleep process. 

Many people claim that it enhances dreaming and aids in creative thinking. And it not only aids creative thinking, but the ability to manifest our ideas.  In fact, the ancient name for this herb is the “Will Strengthener.” The herb is believed to have the ability to strengthen that part of the psyche which we call the “Will.” Taoists have long claimed recommended using Polygala to strengthen the focus of the mind and to empower our thoughts so that they may be made real.

Red Ginseng root

Oriental Ginseng is one of the most famous and valued herbs used by mankind, Panax Ginseng is an energy tonic that regulates the human energy system. It has been shown to be stimulating and regulatory to both the central nervous system and to the endocrine system. It is the primary Qi tonic of Chinese tonic herbalism.

Ginseng helps a person to adapt to all kinds of stresses, and enhances endurance and resilience under stressful conditions. It has thus been termed an "adaptogenic" substance by scientific researchers. Ginseng is also used to tonify digestive and respiratory functions. Ginseng contains many active ingredients, but the most important are the saponins called ginsenosides. Ginsenosides specifically improve adaptability and are believed to help build muscle and endurance. Therefore Ginseng is very popular with athletes. Ginseng generally has a "warm" energy.

Supreme Shen Drops is a quintessential Shen tonic formulation that may be used daily, or when needed to overcome emotional challenges.

Traditional Function: Stabilizes and tonifies Shen

Who can use it? Anyone

Concentration: 8:1

Specifications: 2 Fl. Oz.

Ingredients: Chinese Asparagus root, Longan fruit, Albizzia julibrissin flower, Spirit Poria sclerotium, Wild Reishi fruiting body, Tibetan Rhodiola root, Polygala root, American Red Ginseng root, Lo han juo fruit

Other Ingredients: Water and alcohol

Usage: 3-12 droppers per day or as directed by your health care practitioner

Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word – Compliance. If you don’t take the herbs, they won’t work.”

About Dragon Herbs, the company

Dragon Herbs was founded by Ron Teeguarden, a professional practitioner and teacher of holistic Asian health. Ron is recognized as the premier spokesperson for Chinese tonic herbalism in America, after spending decades teaching the concept of promoting health through Chinese Tonic Herbs.

For thousands of years, Asian herbalism has been used as a way to naturally maintain health. These tonic herbs safely promote ones health and healthy aging, and support “radiant health”, including increased longevity, emotional balance, resistance to disease, superb vitality, and maintenance of youthfulness. 

To be considered a Superior Tonic herb, that herb must have been found to meet specific qualifications over many centuries of human use, including: 

  • • Possess anti-aging and longevity characteristics
  • • Profound health-promoting actions
  • • Balance emotional and psychic energy to improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing and happiness
  • • No negative side effects when taken continuously 
  • • Be easily digestible and assimilated, and taste good enough to be easily consumed
  • • Must contain at least one of the “three treasures”

The Three Treasures

In traditional Asian healthcare, there are said to be Three Treasures, or three primary types of energy in the body. These energies are known as treasures because they are the basis for life. The three treasures are Jing, Qi, and Shen, also known as Essence, Vitality, and Awareness. True health and happiness cannot be obtained unless all three treasures are valued and not wasted. 

The Dragon Herbs line of herbal tonics is based on these superior herbs. Using herbs from their natural sources combined with cutting edge modern technology, Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs provide a broad and complete program of superior tonics to help promote radiant health on every level of your being. 

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