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E3Live AFA, Fresh-Frozen Apple/Lemon, six 16 oz bottles

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  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • USDA Organic
  • Wild Harvested
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

E3Live Apple/ Lemon Flavored AFA Liquid is whole, organic fresh-water AFA in its pure form, lightly flavored with organic apple and lemon for a refreshing citrus taste. AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) blue-green algae is an all-organic wild-harvested food featuring 64 naturally occuring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids plus beneficial chlorophyll. E3Live Liquid AFA is superior to all other forms of AFA, closest to its natural high-energy state found in nature.

You receive six (6) bottles of fresh-frozen liquid E3Live, 16 fl oz each. Price includes expedited, cold-packed shipping. 

Product Details

E3Live Apple/ Lemon AFA Fresh-Frozen Liquid, Six Bottles (16 fl oz each)

E3Live Apple/ Lemon Flavored AFA Liquid is 100% pure, unaltered Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA), considered to be nature's most beneficial superfood. AFA is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua botanical that provides more than 64 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, and is a rich source of cholorphyll. E3Live is a nutrient-dense superfood, and the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids are 97% fully assimilated by the body. This miracle food is available in its complete, vital, fresh frozen liquid form.

Naturally flavored with organic apple and lemon flavors for a refreshing citrus taste.

E3Live Benefits

The beneficial nutrients in AFA work to restore balance to your body, as it works to provide long-term protection and well-being. Some users experience noticable changes immedately, while others may see gradual health improvements over time. Many users report increased energy, endurance, and stamina, improved mental focus, lifted mood, and better digestion.

E3Live Benefits may include

  • • Enhanced overall well-being
  • • Healthier skin, hair, and nails
  • • Long lasting energy boost
  • • Better sleep
  • • Increased stamina and endurance
  • • Lifted and balanced mood
  • • Reduced Stress
  • • Increased mental focus and concentration
  • • Faster recovery times
  • • Normalized blood sugar levels
  • • Improved digestion and intestinal health

Shipped Fresh-Frozen to Preserve Potency and Freshness

To experience the potent benefits of E3Live Liquid, it must be shipped and maintained in its frozen state. To ensure that E3Live arrives in its freshest state, it is mailed in quantities of six (6). E3Live has found that a minimum of 6 bottles keeps E3Live optimally cold during transit to your door.

Your six (6) bottles of E3Live will be priority shipped to you using 2-day shipping methods, and will be cold-packed to preserve the product.

Please Note - All orders received Monday through Wednesday will ship that week. Any order received Thursday through Sunday will not ship until the following Monday, to ensure that the product arrives to you as fast and fresh as possible.

Cost includes six (6) bottles of E3Live Apple/ Lemon Flavored AFA Fresh-Frozen Liquid (16 fl oz each), plus the cost of expedited shipping.

How to Use E3Live Liquid

To thaw E3Live Liquid:

Place bottle into refrigerator to partially defrost

Place bottle in bowl or sink of cool water for 15 minutes

To maintain freshness of E3Live, keep frozen until ready to use. Thaw off a 7-day supply, then place remainder of bottle back into freezer again. If you defrosted the entire bottle of E3Live on accident in your fridge or cool bowl of water, it is still viable and can be refrozen (as long as it hasn't been thawed for more than a few hours).

Tip - If you have an ice cube tray with a lid, you can fill the tray with your thawed E3Live liquid. Measure one serving into each ice cube. Cover the tray with the lid to keep freezer odors out, and place back into freezer. Remove one E3Live "cube" and add to water or juice anytime you want a serving.

Some people enjoy the natural taste of E3Live liquid and will drink it undiluted. Others prefer to mix it into water, fruit juice, green juice, or into a smoothie. Do not add your E3Live to any hot liquids, but feel free to add it to any cool liquid drink that you would like.

How much E3Live do I take?

E3Live recommends starting with 1 teaspoon per day for a week, and working up to 1 tablespoon daily. Some people enjoy E3Live liquid in more liberal quantities and will take several ounces a day. Work your way up at your own pace, and trust your instinct.

E3Live AFA contains an abundant amount of chlorophyll, and it is normal to experience some short-term symptoms of detoxification when you first begin to use it. (These may include a slight headache or feeling more tired.) Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out toxins, and adjust your daily dose until you find one that works for you.

What is the difference between E3Live and E3AFA?

Both E3Live and E3AFA are 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) harvested from Klamath Lake in Oregon. E3Live is the only frozen-liquid form of AFA. E3AFA is a dried form of AFA, available in either capsules or powder. Both are excellent foods, but the live liquid form of E3Live is the closest to its natural high-energy state found in nature. E3AFA is ideal for traveling and convenience at work if refrigeration is not available.

Fresh from Harvest to Delivery

E3Live AFA is a non-GMO heirloom algae from the beautiful, unpolluted Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Upper Klamath Lake is one of the few remaining alkaline lakes on the planet, with an astonishingly high mineral concentration due to a massive volcanic eruption that occurred over 7,000 years ago. E3Live's superior harvesting and proprietary filtration methods esure the absolute highest quality. AFA is selectively harvested so that only the purest, most vibrant blooms are gathered. Starting at the harvest site, E3Live is immediately chilled ( 34° - 37° F) to preserve its natural vitality and highest nutritional value. Careful centrifugation purifies and cleans the AFA, and it is tested thoroughly by independent USDA certified labs for food safety, shelf-life, and purity.

E3Live is an undomesticated, wild-grown food that naturally responds to variations in the weather. Different harvests of E3Live may yield higher amounts of cholorphyll, carotenoids, or essential fatty acids - resulting in a natural variation of colors from batch to batch. E3Live that is more blue may have a higher level of phycocyanin, and E3Live that is more brown may have more antioxidant carotenoids than chlorophyll. This natural variation of color, flavor, or smell is normal, and part of the beauty of E3Live's wild harvest. Every batch is guaranteed to be the same high-quality, beneficial, pure AFA.

Six (6) bottles of E3Live Apple/ Lemon Fresh-Frozen Liquid (16 fl oz each), plus expedited cold-pack shipping included.


Package size
16 fl oz
Serving size
1 tsp - 1 tblsp
Serving Type
Probiotic Potency
Botanical name
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
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