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EcoJarz Silicone Drinktop, Small Mouth

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EcoJarz Small Mouth Silicone Drinktop is perfect for upcycling your used small-mouth canning jars into unique and funky to-go drinking cups. This reusable drink lid is made of FDA approved high-grade silicone, and is safe and non-toxic. Don't throw away your used glass containers, and before you recycle - upcycle! Re-purpose your glass jars into to-go drinking cups by topping off with an EcoJarz drinktop lid. Contains one (1) silicone lid.

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EcoJarz Silicone Drinktop, Small Mouth

EcoJarz Silicone Drinktops are a sustainable way to instantly re-use and re-purpose your glass canning jars into fun and funky to-go drinking cups. Simply attach the EcoJarz drinktop to the glass jar! The Small Mouth Silicone Drinktop is made of FDA approved high-grade silicone and fits any small mouth (standard) glass canning jar. Sippable opening also accommodates a straw.

Don't stop at just canning jars, either! Your EcoJarz Silicone Drinktop may fit used glass salsa, peanut butter, or sauce bottles, too. Before you toss it, before you recycle it, rethink it! Upcycle your used glass jars and canning jars into sustainable, safe, and non-toxic to-go cups for hot or cold drinks.

EcoJarz Silicone Drinktop, Small Mouth

  • • Reusable drink lid made of FDA approved high-grade silicone
  • • No BPA, phthalates, or chemical leach
  • • Fits any small-mouth (standard) canning jar (canning jar not included)
  • • Dishwasher safe

EcoJarz non-reactive silicone lids are safe to use with hot or cold beverages without any worry of chemical leach. Wash thoroughly with soap and water before use.

How to turn a glass canning jar into a to-go cup

Wash EcoJarz silicone drinktop, your glass canning jar, and jar band from canning jar in warm, soapy water. Dry. (Note - a jar band is the metal ring which threads onto a glass canning jar, securing the canning lid.)

Fill your clean canning jar with the hot or cold drink of your choice.

Place the EcoJarz silicone drinktop on top of the glass canning jar, and secure it with the jar band from your canning jar.

Enjoy your tasty beverage in the safe, eco-friendly, nontoxic to-go cup!

Contains one (1) small-mouth silicone drinktop

(Canning jar and jar band not included)


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Refrigeration Recommended
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