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Healthy Pizza & Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Many people are choosing food at supermarkets and online and while ordering food at restaurants keeping their long term health benefit in view. They opt for gluten free food that is easier to digest. Pizza is a favorite American staple and more restaurants, internet portals and supermarkets are offering healthy pizza crust options including a gluten free pizza crust. Medically gluten should be avoided by those who suffer the genetic autoimmune disorder called celiac disease. Others choose a gluten free diet to avoid gastrointestinal problems. Pizza is an American family favorite and customers choose buying a gluten free pizza crust that is a healthy pizza crust over other pizza crusts. A gluten free pizza crust is a healthy pizza crust not only for patients who are prescribed a gluten free diet but also for those who want to enjoy good digestive health.

Gluten is a protein contained in some grains that acts like a glue to keep molecules together. Wheat rye and barley contain barley while oats, rice are gluten free grains. A gluten free pizza crust that is a healthy pizza crust will contain white rice flour or brown rice flour or oatmeal. The dough in the gluten free pizza crust that is a healthy pizza crust option is made by adding tapioca flour and a commonly used industrial polymer called Xanthan gum. If one carefully uses no more than 15 grams of the gum while making a gluten free pizza crust, it will not irritate the digestive system and result in a healthy pizza crust.

Choosing a gluten free pizza crust is choosing a healthy pizza crust for those who have a condition that requires gluten free options and for those who choose to live healthy. Gluten free options increases energy levels and improves the health of the digestive system. They prevent heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. They also improve cholesterol levels and assist weight loss. More importantly those who enjoy eating pizza often should choose a gluten free pizza crust over other pizza crusts to enjoy a healthy pizza crust while enjoying their favorite meal option.

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