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Healthy & Organic Chocolate Snacks

STOP! before you devour that half melted chocolate bar consider a healthier alternative! It should be no surprise that in today age healthier options exist for almost anything, even chocolate. Chocolate on its own does supply some of the most sought after antioxidants know to man. However its the rest of the baggage that chocolate brings. Like the butter fat and lactose used to make it melty and smooth. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of refined sugar added that really jacks up those calories. Nonetheless there are options out there, healthy chocolate snacks!

Chocolate can be healthy and for the most part when consumed once in awhile wont do much harm. However when the same chocolate is consumed everyday we have a problem. Chocolate that is mass produced by the biggest company's out there exploit our love for sweetness. By adding refined sugars and fatty ingredients like smooth butterfat they produce a almost addictive product! Not even including the Theobromine that chocolate provides (which I'll explain later). Theobromine is chemically similar to caffeine as we know to be a addictive substance. As for healthy chocolate snacks this can be good and bad since yes this substance has addictive property s but also has some beneficial property s as well.

Healthy chocolate snacks can take on many forms such as chocolate covered raw nuts, chocolate covered dried fruit or just simple dark chocolate. Healthy chocolate snacks should use very little to no refined white sugar due to the unhealthy baggage this brings. Take for example "GoRaw Real Live Chocolate Truffles" available at Healthy Goods. These are a great choice since they're made raw which will lock in the theobromine's benefits.

As mentioned before healthy chocolate snacks almost always have some theobromine. But its best consumed in a less process form to get most of its benefits. Studys on theobromine show that this chemical found in healthy chocolate snacks can help aid in high blood pressure patients. Because it is a vasodilator which means it widens the blood vessels thus it will lower blood pressure. So next time you reach for a chocolate snack go for the healthy chocolate snacks instead, your body will thank you for it!

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