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  1. Live Superfoods Chlorella Powder, 12 oz
    Live Superfoods Chlorella Powder, Organic, 12 oz
    Price: $26.99 Special Price $21.59
  2. Live Superfoods Chlorella Tablets
    Live Superfoods Chlorella Tablets, 250mg, 1000ct
    Price: $36.99 Special Price $28.99
  3. Whole Formulas Chlorella, 90 ct.
    Whole Formulas Chlorella, 90 ct
    Price: $17.60 Special Price $15.84
  4. Whole Formulas Chlorophyll Formula, 1 oz.
    Whole Formulas Chlorophyll Formula, 1 fl oz
    Price: $12.60 Special Price $11.34
  5. Vega chlorella 300ct
    Vega Chlorella, 300 count
    Price: $41.95 Special Price $33.56
  6. Pure Planet Chlorella Tablets, 600 count
    Pure Planet Chlorella Tablets, 600 count
    Price: $28.25 Special Price $17.29
  7. Dr Mercola Fermented Chlorella, 450 ct
    Dr Mercola Fermented Chlorella, 450 ct
    Price: $18.75 Special Price $14.97
  8. Bodybio chlorella 300ct
    BodyBio Chlorella, 300mg, 300 count
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Chlorella Superfoods - Chlorella Powders and Tablets

Healthy living has become the most pressing issue in society today. People have been used to foods that often lead to diseases or weight gain, which becomes devastating. As a result, many have dedicated themselves to find new and healthy foods. The research has led to the discovery of healthy organic foods that are not life-threatening. Among these newly discovered foods is chlorella superfoods, which are found mostly in freshwater areas.

Chlorella superfoods consist of an alga, which is used as the dietary supplement since it is a source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. As a supplement, the algae have numerous health benefits to both the healthy and the sick. Chlorella superfoods are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to make nutritional supplements as well as other types of medication. Depending on the desired use of the algae, one is often instructed to be specific on the mode of cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

There are claims that Chlorella superfoods can prevent cancer although the scientific evidence is inconclusive on the matter. Supported facts about chlorella superfoods and its health benefits include the ability to increase white blood cell count, which boosts your immunity against illnesses. The freshwater algae also detoxify your body and rejuvenate your health. If skin rashes often attack you, chlorella superfoods are guaranteed to treat it if consumed regularly. By doing so, the algae work inside the body and increases the intestinal bacteria, which enhances the body's digestion.

Despite its numerous medical benefits, chlorella superfoods are used in the manufacture of foods such as chocolates. For all who wish to take up healthy living, consider chlorella, which is to cultivate in your home backyard. However, if you suffer from allergic reactions from the mold, it is advisable to keep away from chlorella since it may trigger allergic reactions.

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