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    Dastony Raw Coconut Butter, 8 oz
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Coconut - Superfood Ingredients

Nutritional supplements are extremely beneficial for people who do not have time to meet their body's daily needs. Many people do not eat three solid meals a day and therefore should opt for taking supplements. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and iron are popular supplements sought after.

Also, on the market, you can find supplements containing superfoods, or foods that are naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients. Items containing superfoods coconut ingredients are full of natural electrolytes. Coconut oil has a unique combination of fatty acids that are good for your health. The saturated fats in superfoods coconut ingredients support fat-burning and provide quick energy to the entire body. Products containing superfoods coconut ingredients have many benefits such as supporting heart health and assisting in weight loss due to its potential to reduce appetite.

There are many products that contain superfoods coconut ingredients such as coconut oil, coconut water powder, coconut nectar, coconut butter, and coconut vinegar. These are only a few examples of superfoods coconut ingredients. These are all great products and although coconut has the same, continuous properties, each product can give you different results. Coconut water can neutralize the acids within in the body and helps to restore the pH balance in the body as well. People who have a generally acidic diet would benefit from coconut water. The natural electrolytes in coconut water can help maintain the health and function of muscles and nerves. It also contains antioxidants, can help protect against diabetes and kidney stones, supports heart health and good blood pressure, hydrates the body, and promotes healthy digestion.

Coconut water has many nutrients and minerals such as calcium, carbohydrates, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, sodium, thiamin, vitamin c, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and vitamin K. The vitamins found in coconut provide the body with an abundance of essential nutrients. Superfoods coconut ingredients promote healthy skin, detoxifies the liver, promotes blood vessel health, supports cognitive function, relieves carpal tunnel syndrome, promotes bone health, supports mental health, and regulates fluid levels. Water with superfoods coconut ingredients can be purchased already prepared or mixed. Another alternative is to buy coconut powder which can then be added to water (about 1 tbsp per 8oz of water). It can also be added to soda water and many flavored juices depending on preference. Superfoods coconut ingredients are not only a delicious and convenient way to transform your health, it can do wonders for the mind and body.

Coconut is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is classified as a "functional food" because it
provides many health benefits beyond its nutritional content.

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which actually protect your cardio system from plaque build-up and systemic inflammation. Coconut oil is excellent for the skin because it contains lauric acid, which fights off fungal and yeast infections. Coconut oil is suggested for ulcer sufferers, because the lauric acid fends off ulcer-aggravating H. pylori bacteria.

Coconut oil provides a stable, nutritional source of energy, stamina and endurance. It improves digestive functioning, which yields better absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It also improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium, supporting the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

The Polynesians have eaten coconut as a food staple since ancient times and theirs is among the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

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