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Fruitrients-X Goji Berry, 60 count

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Fruitrients X Goji Berry is a nutrient-dense fruit containing potent antioxidants, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides that inhibit skin aging, stimulate cellular health and increase longevity. These capsules are a great way to get the benefits of goji berries while on the go. No magnesium stearate or other additives. 60 vegetable capsules - 30 servings

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Goji Berry Fruitrients - Wild Berry Extract

Goji berries are a nutrient-dense, sweet red fruit that is native to Asia. The Goji has a long tradition of use in Traditional Chinese medicine, and is prized as both a food and tonic used to strengthen the immune system, protect the liver, and to support cardiovascular health. 

Goji berries are a rich source of a polysaccharide known as lycium barbarum polysaccharide, which has been shown to be an exceptional source of the essential cell sugars needed for immune function.  

Goji Berry fruit also contains potent antioxidants, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. Goji is reported to be an immune function enhancer that supports eye health, better skin and cardiovascular health, and that it helps inhibit some enzymes that promote skin aging.

Using exotic fruits found in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Tahiti, new Fruitrients-X formulas from Ultra Laboratories extract only the best of these fruits, delivering them in the purest, most concentrated and effective form possible.

Package contains 60 vegetable capsules. 

About Fruitrients

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Additive-Free • Gluten Free • Vegan Formula • Organically Grown

 Fruitrients exotic fruit supplements use the best organically grown ingredients in the purest, most concentrated form possible. Their formulas are 100% Additive-Free for the highest quality fruit supplements available in the highest concentrations of ONLY the active ingredients...without any added sugar.

Why pay for "sugar water"? Most of the fruit juice products today are little more than expensive, watered-down sugary drinks. In fact, almost all fruit juices are anywhere from 85-99% water. Furthermore, the taste of some exotic fruit ingredients is unfavorable, so they are only in a relatively low concentration in juice drinks, sometimes with sugar added to mask the flavor.

In nature, the active nutritional ingredients in exotic fruits are not found in the "watery" portion of those fruits. The active nutrition is typically found in the pulp of a fruit, what Fruitrients exotic fruit supplements offer.

Fruitrients/Ultra Laboratories is committed to creating only clean, additive-free products. Their dietary supplements are guaranteed to be free of corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or preservatives.

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Other Ingredients
vegetable capsule
This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, fish & shellfish.
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60 capsules
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2 capsules
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Use Ice Pack
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