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Garden of Life RAW Enzymes for Men 50 and Wiser, 90 ct

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RAW Enzymes Men 50 & Wiser is the strongest and most complete digestive enzyme formula available today, specifically designed to support the digestive and overall health of men aged 50 and up. 90 vegetarian capsules in amber glass bottle.

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Garden of Life RAW Enzymes for Men, 50 & Wiser

RAW Enzymes for Men, 50 & Wiser addresses the unique needs of men over 50. A potent and powerful array of 22 different digestive enzymes, plus probiotics, vitamins and minerals work overtime to support digestive and overall health. The aging process can impact protein digestion due to reduced production of stomach acids. RAW Enzymes for Men 50 & Wiser includes additional protein digesting enzymes, plus antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione, catalase, and SOD. Added to probiotics, they become "enzyme factories" that work overtime for extraordinary digestive health. 

About Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins that are naturally occurring in the body and accelerate normal biochemical reactions. Enzymes are responsible for all metabolic functions and are needed for life itself. 

What do Enzymes Do?

Enzymes break down food into smaller componants until it has reached its basic form that the body can then use to provide energy, and to rebuild and heal. Certain enzymes break down certain foods, some work on proteins, other break down fats, and still others work on carbohydrates. 

Enzymes can support the digestive process, providing a less-full feeling after eating (instead of the over-stuffed, uncomfortable feeling immediately after eating), decreased gas and bloating, regular bowel movements, and increased energy. 

RAW Enzymes for Men 50 & Wiser

RAW Enzymes for Men 50 & Wiser provides 22 different digestive enzymes, including extra strength protein digesting enzymes. As men age, reduced stomach acid results in the need for additional protein digesting enzymes.  In addition, RAW Enzymes for Men 50 & Wiser also includes probiotics to balance intestinal flora and provide immune support, and a number of vitamins to support heart and prostate health, and antioxidants like SOD (superoxide dismatuse) to fight free radical damage. 

RAW Enzymes benefits:

  • • Helps to process difficult to digest foods (beans, broccoli, dairy, grains,etc.)
  • • Supports colon health 
  • • Supports gut-related immune system health
  • • Reduces occasional post-meal gas and bloating
  • • Supports prostate health, heart health, and metabolic health
  • • pH optimized enzyme support for the entire digestive tract 

90 vegetarian capsules in amber glass bottle.

About Garden of Life, the company

Garden of Life is on a mission: Empowering Extraordinary Health. This means empowering you with products designed to let you take control of your own health. Garden of Life believes in premium nutrition that goes beyond the ordinary to extraordinary. Your health is a gift, and extraordinary health is a goal worth pursing- both for you and for your family. 

Garden of Life combines the best of science and nature as a path to healthy living. Garden of Life partners with healthcare professionals and businesses that share a dedication to providing comprehensive support and innovative solutions for healthier living. 

Garden of Life’s extraordinary product offerings include: 


Garden of Life RAW products are formulas with naturally occurring whole-food vitamins and minerals, cultivated with their unique Code Factors still intact, formulated with RAW ingredients. Every product in the RAW line is uncooked, untreated, and unadulterated- free of any binders or fillers. RAW includes vitamins, targeted nutrients, digestive enzymes, probiotics, protein powders, and more. 

Vitamin Code

Garden of Life Vitamin Code is a cutting edge line of raw food vitamins. Vitamin Code formulas are made with individually cultivated RAW Food-Created Nutrients with their unique Code Fctors intact, enabling natural recognition as food by your body. 

Oceans 3

Only Oceans 3 Omega-3 formulas from Garden of Life deliver amplifed benefits by containing OmegaXanthin, a synergistic blend of three health promoting compounds from the sea. Including only the purest omega-3 fish oil along with fucoxanthin and astaxanthin, OmegaXanthin is what separates Oceans 3 formulas from the rest of the “school”. 

Persue your goal of extraordinary health with Garden of Life.  

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