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Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes, 120 count

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Healthforce Digestive Enhancement Enzymes is a unique, comprehensive, and potent array of enzymes for improved digestion, assimilation, and utilization of all types of food and nutrients. These 100% plant derived enzymes are effective in a wide pH range. Replace the essential enzymes that are destroyed by cooking food for maximum digestion and assimilation of all foods and nutrients. 120 VeganCaps 

Product Details

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes

Enzymes are crucially involved in nearly all body processes, including the breakdown of food so that it is utilizable. Cooking food over approximately 118 degrees can remove these essential enzymes. Canning and other high heat processes can also destroy vital enzymes. Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes makes it easy to replace those enzymes lost, so that you can enjoy optimal health. 

Why are enzymes so important?

  • • A lack of enzymes can contribute to a lack of health
  • • Lack of enzymes causes food to be only partially digested
  • • Undigested food can be quite harmful to your body
  • • Enzyme shortage means nutrients are less available to your body

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes may significantly increase the absorption, assimilation, and utilization of food and other supplements taken with it. It can also minimizes toxic, totally undigested or only partially digested food particles. Some of these toxic particles otherwise enter the bloodstream and cause problems there (such as allergies), while others are fermented or putrified by bacteria, producing gas.

In addition, having to produce all of the digestive enzymes on its own drains the body and causes its production of metabolic enzymes to diminish, leading to 

  • • Disease
  • • Aging
  • • Degeneration
  • • Lack of Vitality, and more

If enzyme-less foods (cooked/heated over approximately 118°F) or unsoaked nuts/seeds/grains are eaten, the body's supply of metabolic antioxidant enzymes can diminish and your cells may suffer more free radical damage. Free radicals are one of the direct causative agents in disease and aging, and keeping them under control is essential to health. 

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes can help to support your levels of metabolic anti-oxidants. 

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes  may significantly increase the:

  • • Absorption
  • • Assimilation
  • • Utilization
  • • Bioavailability of foods, supplements & herbs

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes may also minimize highly toxic, partially digested food particles from entering the blood stream (which can cause allergies) and from being fermented or putrified in the intestines, producing gas.

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes may also support higher levels of Natural Metabolic Antioxidant Enzymes!

A major cause of ill health is a lack of metabolic enzymes (including metabolic antioxidant enzymes), which basically make everything happen in our bodies.....The higher your metabolic enzyme level, the greater your ability to cleanse, heal and regenerate.

To be healthy, we need (among other things) to fully digest our food and have high levels of metabolic enzymes. The way to do this is to give your body the best nutrition you can via lots of raw, uncooked plant foods, regenerative bio-compatible nutritional supplements, and supplemental digestive enzymes, among other things.

Eating foods in their raw form can help you to get more of the ezymes that you need. 

Unfortunately, most raw foods may no longer have ideal levels of enzymes because of low mineral soils. Raw, unsoaked nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters, and raw, unsoaked grains contain a natural enzyme inhibitor, so even those eating a mostly raw diet can also benefit from Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Ezymes

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes will replace the enzymes lost by cooking foods, along with those possibly lowered in raw foods. Therefore, your food will be better digested and your body's precious metabolic enzyme reserve will not be drained.

  • • Enhance your assimiliation of food and supplements
  • • Improve your body's ability to cleanse, heal and regenerate

Taking Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes with other supplements will further enhance the absorption, and therefore utilization, of them. The healthier you live your life, the less stress there is on any organ, including the liver. Usually the older and/or more toxic someone becomes, the more liver stress there is, and the more important ezyme supplementation is for health. 

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes is made from plant ezymes. Plant enzymes work in all stages of digestion, including the pre-digestive phase. Animal enzymes (usually from slaughterhouse pancreases) are only active in the later stages of digestion, and do not accomplish any predigestion, making them far less effective.

Healthforce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes can be taken every time you eat (more with cooked food; less with raw food), and will aid in digestion of protein, fat, carbohydrates and cellulose.


Each 2 VeganCaps™ provide: Proteases - 25,250 HUT, Acid Specific Protease - 220 SAP, Lipase - 1,650 FIP, Amylase - 5,500 DU, Cellulase - 1000 CU, Lactase (non-dairy) - 400 LAC, Bromelain (from pineapple) - 11,000 FCC, Papain (from papaya) - 13,200 PU, Alpha Galactosidase - 90 GalU

Other Ingredients: VeganCaps™ (fermented tapioca)

Suggested Usage:

1-5 per meal depending on amount of cooked food and difficulty of digestion. Animal flesh/dairy/eggs and unsoaked nuts/seeds require 5. Tofu, grains, potatoes require 2-3. Cooked veggies require 1-2. The more cooked food (or unsoaked nuts/seeds) you eat, the more Digestion Enhancement Enzymes you need to take to replace the enzymes lost in cooking.

About Healthforce Nutritionals, the company

For over 20 years, Healthforce Nutritionals has been the premier source for 100% hard-core, vegan therapeutic superfoods. Dr. Jameth Sheriden, D.H.M. (Doctor of Holistic Medicine), and Kim Sheriden, naturopath, founded HealthForce in 1990 to provide the absolute best products at the most affordable prices. 

Dr. Jameth Sheriden is one of the early pioneers of the vegan, organic, holistic, and raw foods movement. He has spent almost three decades immersing himself in holistic health, veganism, and raw foods.  

Healthforce has been a leader in whole-food nutrition since its inception. Healthforce’s hard-core, standards take quality, purity, potency, and therapeutic value to a new level, and is committed to offering the highest potency, cleanest purity, and most affordable products. This is the heart and soul of Healthforce Nutritionals. 

Healthforce Promises: 

  • • Potency- Nutrition the way nature intended
  • • Purity- Maximum therapeutic value
  • • Pricing- HealthForce’s loyalty is to your health, no compromises

Healthforce Delivers: 

Hard Core

“Hard-core” stands for HealthForce’s dedication to real, uncorrupted quality and integrity without compromise. HealthForce offers hard-core products, with hard-core packaging, offering hard-core healing.


Healthforce Nutritionals takes their own standards beyond those dictated by USDA Organic. The TruGanic standard was created by Dr. Jameth Sheriden to verify absolute purity. To be considered TruGanic, the ingredient must be 100% free of GMOs, irradiation, pesticides, and herbicides. A certificate of analysis is followed by a test for approximately 200-300 toxins. Once this test comes back with zero levels of contaminants, the ingredient is approved for use in Healthforce Products. 


Healthforce Nutritionals takes hard-core, vegan therapeutics to a new level with their WarriorForce line of superfoods and supplements designed to nourish the bodies of hard-core vegan warriors. Dr. Jameth Sheriden is himself a hard-core warrior, and believes that one can embrace the hard-core healing lifestyle and be a hard-hitting, muscle pumping, heart-pounding, endurance testing physical Warrior as well. Whether you are a professional athlete or a “weekend warrior”, WarriorForce brings you the best performing superfoods you can buy complete with phytonutrients to “Ignite the Warrior Within!”

“ The quality, therapeutic concentration and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and quite literally, life and death. I don’t want anyone to be tired, sick, or dead because they could not obtain or afford  the best possible product.

-Dr. Jameth Sheridan, DHM and Founder of Healthforce Nutritionals

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