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Healthforce Vitamineral Earth

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Healthforce Vitamineral Earth, 500g powder
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  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

Vitamineral Earth is a sacred, primal whole food herbal superfood complex for deep nourishment and balance, containing roots, barks, spices, and other healing botanicals taken straight from the Earth for a healing, grounding, regenerative superfood that can be taken alone or combined with Green superfoods. 150g and 500g in amber glass jar.

Unavailable for shipment to California due to Prop 65.

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Healthforce Vitamineral Earth

Vitamineral Earth is a nourishing, healing, and regenerative superfood designed to support blood sugar, colon, detoxification, the immune system, and longevity. Vitamineral Earth can be used on its own or combined with any green superfood. The roots, barks, spices and other healing botanicals in Vitamineral Earth will nourish on a deep level.

Vitamineral Earth can be taken raw as a sun tea, sprinkled on food, cooked into soups and broths, or added to smoothies. 

Native tribes made teas and broths out of healing herbs with hot water. Unlike other green superfoods which should be taken raw for maximum benefits, Vitamineral Earth contains botanicals that become even more potent when heat is applied. Vitamineral Earth can be taken raw, but it is even better when released by fire. 

Vitamineral Earth is the ultimate grounding superfood. It's unique array of phyto-nutritive healing roots, barks, herbs and seeds provide a yang energy with its combination of earth elements. 

Suggested Usage: Due to the cleansing nature of Earth, start with 1 teaspoon in 16-32 oz of water or juice & gradually increase to 2 or more heaping tablespoons per day. Earth can be used on its own as a grounding superfood blend, or ideally taken in the same day as Vitamineral Green for a balance of yin and yang. Smoothies: Will thicken and nutrify. Broth or Tea: Add to warm water or make a tea. Hot water tea produces a totally different flavor (with more phytonutrients). Drink all at once or throughout the day.

Savory Dishes: Add to foods such as soups, salads, dressings, casseroles, etc.

Earth is Food, NOT a supplement!


Earth Below™

  • Astragalus Root◊∞
  • Burdock Root∞
  • Nettle Root°∞
  • Marshmallow Root◊∞
  • Carrot Root◊
  • Yacon Root◊∞
  • Ginger Root◊∞
  • Dandelion Root°∞
  • Rhubarb Root∞

Earth Seeds™

  • Flax Seeds◊∞
  • Chia Seeds◊∞
  • Milk Thistle Seeds◊∞

Earth Broth™

  • Red Miso◊∞ (Organic Whole Soy Beans, Organic Handmade Koji Rice, Sun Dried Sea Salt, Mountain Well Water, Koji Spores)
  • Chili Powder◊∞
  • Paprika◊∞
  • Sage◊∞

Earth Above™

  • Red Clover°∞
  • Slippery Elm Bark°∞
  • Watercress°∞
  • White Oak Bark°∞
  • Cinnamon Bark◊∞
  • Kelp◊∞
  • Blessed Thistle∞°
  • Sheep Sorrel◊∞

Acid stable and incredibly magnified/fed by the Earth™ formula.

  • Lactobacillus plantarum∞
  • L. paracasei∞
  • L. rhamnosus∞
  • L. salivarius∞
  • Streptococcus thermophilus∞
  • L. bulgaricus∞


  • Shilajit°∞

◊Organic °Wildcrafted ∞TruGanic™

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Product not intended for children. This product carries the California Prop 65 warning.
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Probiotic Potency
Refrigeration Recommended
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