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Organic Pillow Tops: Natural Bedding

We all probably realize the benefits that organic foods provide for us over non-organic counterparts. However, we probably don't give much thought to organic fabrics and more specifically where we lay our head to rest. Organic pillow tops are some products that use such fibrous material over non-organic. Here why organic pillow tops are better than the non-organic.

Organic cloth is made using certified organic practices. Things like organic cotton are not treated with pesticides and other very harsh chemicals to increase crop output. In return, the cotton is safer and less damaging to the skin. Now take that idea and apply it to organic pillow tops. It makes sense since you sleep anywhere from 6 to 9 hours a day and spend most of that time with exposed skin to the cloth. So it makes sense to use such a thing as organic pillow tops to counteract being exposed to harmful chemicals. On top of that, the products made with organic cotton are usually made with higher quality over the regular stuff.

Healthy Goods has some excellent organic pillow tops. They come in three sizes so far and a thickness of 3 inches. The first style is the twin at 38"x75"x3" with 789 coils. The next size up is 53"x75"x3" with 1102 coils throughout the bed. The biggest size available is the Queen style. Its 60"x80"x3" with a total of 1353 coils. Organic pillow tops such as these on Healthy Goods are made to fit most beds people use.

The benefits of using organic pillow tops are enough to make the switch. Making the switch means healthier skin and no more absorbing pesticides and harsh chemicals through your skin. A healthier lifestyle through organic pillow tops one sleep at a time.

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