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Hyland's Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 of Schuessler's Biochemic Tissue Remedies Cell Salts. Bioplasma Cell Salt by Hyland's is an easy, yet effective, way to take all 12 cell salts at once, and bring balance back to overall cell function. 1,000 tabs

4.98 reviews
  • Hylands bioplasma 1000ct

Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs

Hyland's Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 of Schuessler's Biochemic Tissue Remedies Cell Salts. Bioplasma Cell Salt by Hyland's is an easy, yet effective, way to take all 12 cell salts at once, and bring balance back to overall cell function. 1,000 tabs

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Hyland's Bioplasma Cell Salt, 1000 tabs

A combination of all 12 of Schuessler's Biochemic Tissue Remedies (Cell Salts)

The Importance of Cell Salts

Cell Salts stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to satisfy mineral deficiencies and imbalances. Dr. Wilhelm Schussler established the theory of Biochemic medicine in 1873, by combining the principles of biochemistry with homeopathy. Dr. Schussler states that deficiencies in these 12 minerals are the source of most common health problems and that the Cell Salts derived from these minerals give the body what it needs to maintain health and treat illness.

  • • Cell Salts are made from the minerals that cells require every day
  • • Cell salts are specially formulated in homeopathic microdoses, making them safe for the whole family*
  • • Cell Salts are safe to use with other medications.

Hyland's Bioplasma Cell Salt is a combination of all 12 Cell Salts. 

Benefits of taking Bioplasma:

Sports Recovery

  • • Hyland’s Bioplasma integrates the knowledge of the human body’s cellular structure and the use of mineral salts, to offer a homeopathic sports recovery aid that restores the body’s cellular balance after post-workout depletion.
  • • Hyland's is trusted as one of the world's oldest manufacturers of cell salts, and the only one to combine all 12 cell salts into one remedy. Hyland's Bioplasma delivers the essential ingredients needed to restore muscles depleted from exertion. 

Bring Balance Back to Overall Cell Function 

  • • Hyland's is the #1 choice remedy of many health counsellors and considered as an excellent entry level product for first-time homeopathic users. Maintain a healthy level of cellular function by supplementing with Bioplasma. Well-nourished cells provide us with the building blocks of health. 

All of Hyland’s Cell Salts are minerals combined within a matrix of lactose (Lactose N.F) or milk sugar. Lactose N.F does not contain any casein, whey, or other milk proteins. Many milk allergies/ sensitivities are due to the protein content, not the sugar portion. The lactose content is relatively small and for most with lactose intolerance, it would take ingesting 25-30 tablets at a time to cause a flare-up. Please check with your physician if you are specifically allergic or sensitive to pure lactose before using these products.

* Hyland's Cell Salts are safe for children over 2 years of age. 

For a complete overview of Hyland's cell salts, check out our handy Cell Salt Guide.

The 12 Cell Salts

  1. Calc Fluor
  2. Calc Phos
  3. Calc Sulph
  4. Ferrum Phos
  5. Kali Mur
  6. Kali Phos
  7. Kali Sulph
  8. Mag Phos
  9. Natrum Mur
  10. Natrum Phos
  11. Natrum Sulph
  12. Silicea

The Basics of Homeopathy
Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs
Manufacturer: Hyland's Homeopathic

Item number: HYL005

GTIN: 354973106826

Warnings: Do not use if imprinted cap band is broken or missing. If symptoms persist for more than seven days or worsen, contact a licensed health care provider.If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advise of a licensed health care provider before using this product. Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.

Serving Size: 2 tablets

Serving Per Package: 500

Suggested Use:

Adults and children ages 6 and up: Take 4 tablets, dissolved under the tongue, 3 times daily.

Children ages 2 to 6: Take 2 tablets, dissolved under the tongue, 3 times daily.

Use more frequently (up to 8 doses) for acute or extreme conditions.

Refrigeration Required: No

Does Not Contain:
Tree Nuts

Ingredients: Calcarea Fluorica 6X HPUS, Calcarea Phosphorica 3X HPUS, Calcarea Sulphurica 3X HPUS, Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X HPUS, Kali Muriaticum 3X HPUS, Kali Phosphoricum 3X HPUS, Kali Sulphuricum 3X HPUS, Magnesia Phosphorica 3X HPUS, Natrum Muriaticum 6X HPUS, Nat


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    "Helps my kids' teeth"
  1. Review by Leanne H.
    Posted on 10/20/2017

    I've been using these cell salts for a few years to help my kids' teeth remineralize. I usually notice the brown spots and mottled appearance on my son's baby teeth start turning white after a few days of consistent use (2x per day). Cod liver oil/butter oil combo further helps.

  2. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 4
    "This is only the beginning!!"
  3. Review by Lisa C.
    Posted on 9/21/2017

    First off I want to thank Healthy Goods for super fast shipping! I had ordered other items from a different popular vitamin store at the same time, it took a week but not from Healthy Goods, only 2 days, both times!! So this is only the beginning of my relationship with Healthy Goods especially when I want or need something fast!!
    Now about Hyland's Bioplasma- I have only been taking for a little over a week. First thing I noticed are my nails are strangely feeling noticeably stronger already! Therefore I have high hopes for my nails! Secondly, once a week I work a late shift a and then have to get up next morning for early shift. I am 52 and late nights just make me feel exhausted the next day, and I also wake during other nights with night sweats and can't get back to sleep for several hours! But this was a very dramatic change, I make sure I take a dose at bedtime and as soon as I get up as well as doses during the day and amazingly, I was not tired at all the entire day! This makes me feel like a kid again that I can stay up late without feeling exhausted the next day! Woohoo! This is only the beginning for me and cell salts as well!
    I have also purchased all individual 12 cell salts but I would highly suggest starting with taking the Bioplasma cell salts and then learning about the individual cell salts to really tune in certain health issues you may be concerned about! I will try to remember to update my review as other things become noticeable! I'm hoping it will be my memory!!

  4. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
    "I haven't taken it yet"
  5. Review by Helen S.
    Posted on 4/10/2017

    I haven't taken it yet because I wasn't sure if OK to take as well as the Vital3 that I am taking. Please check out Vital3 and let me know if Bioplasma and Vital3 should not be taken on the same day. Thanks, Helen

  6. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
    "This was recommended to me"
  7. Review by Gretchen D.
    Posted on 4/15/2016

    This was recommended to me by a friend to help treat a knee ligament injury. I was 3 weeks post injury and there had been some improvement, but it was when I began the cell salts that my knee improved to almost where it had been before. I am very grateful and intend to continue on a maintenance level.

  8. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
  9. Review by Steelix32
    Posted on 12/26/2012

    Just got this product. Been using it for a few days now. My favorite pill ever! Just put it under your tongue, and it dissolves quickly! Also very fast shipping on the least expensive shipping option.

  10. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
    "Thank You for having this product available"
  11. Review by Capt.Luis
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Thank You for having this product available. Order ID: # 45919

  12. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
    "Great product!"
  13. Review by Ami J. Gilbert
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Quick shipping and great product. Thanks!

    Order # 102-6633632-8829018

  14. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
    "Wonderful product"
  15. Review by Grandma
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Wonderful product. Our family wouldn't be without it. Our grandson was having leg and foot pain. With Cell Salts the pain has disappeared.

    Order # 100021208

  16. Hyland's Bioplasma, 1000 tabs 5
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