52 reviews
Wide Cafe Cap by Klean Kanteen is perfect for enjoying your morning cup.
52 reviews
  • Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap

Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap

Wide Cafe Cap by Klean Kanteen is perfect for enjoying your morning cup.
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Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap

Klean Kanteen Wide Café Cap is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your morning cup. 

Durable café cap fits Klean Kanteen Wide and Wide Insulated bottles and is crafted from non-toxic polypropylene.  Durable, easy to clean cap twists open for sipping and shut to protect against splashes.

Please note, though, that café caps are leak-resistant, not leak-proof.  If you want to carry your morning coffee upside-down in a backpack, consider pairing the Klean Kanteen Wide Café Cap with the leak-proof Wide Stainless Loop Cap.

Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap
Manufacturer: Discontinued

Item number: KKT086

GTIN: 763332027328

Refrigeration Required: No


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    "Great driking cap for Kleen Kanteen"
  1. Review by Steven H.
    Posted on 7/26/2015

    This cap makes it so convenient to get a drink from the wide mouth bottle. I use it inside a Condor H2O pouch that keeps the bottle upright on my belt, neck strap or on a back back.. No need to unscrew a cap just twist open or closed. Lip on the lid makes it easy to drink from.

  2. Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap 5
    "Well designed Cafe Lid"
  3. Review by Mr. Daft
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    I know this cap has taken flack for not being leak proof. The Klean Kanteen company makes it very clear that their Wide Cafe Cap is not leak proof. So it is important to keep the bottle upright when using this cap. If the bottle does fall over it will only trickle, and not dump the liquid all out.

    One of the reason's this Cap is not leak proof is because of a great design. This cap comes apart for a thorough cleaning-- so that there are no hidden nooks or crannies for food particles or bacteria to dwell. The problem with most "Leak-proof" cafe style caps is they will not remain sanitary due to inaccessible areas that cannot be cleaned.

    If you want a functional, easy to clean, and sanitary Cafe Cap- this is the one- a great compliment to the Insulated Wide Mouth bottle.

    Order # 100008846

  4. Klean Kanteen Wide Cafe Cap 5
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