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Pure Encapsulations l-Glutamine Powder, 227g

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Pure Encapsulations l-Glutamine Powder provides your body with this essential amino acid, utilized by the body for tissue repair, maintaining the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and natural defense system function. l-Glutamine is also a critical component of maintaining muscle mass. 227 grams

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Pure Encapsulations l-Glutamine, 227 grams

In times of stress or increased metabolic demand, glutamine is a critically important source of energy for the GI tract. It also supports muscle health and immune system function.  Pure Encapsulations l-Glutamine is an excellent source of this vital amino acid.

Uses For l-Glutamine

Gastrointestinal Health: In the gut, glutamine maintains healthy integrity of the intestinal tract and enhances the protective mucosal lining. This helps to ensure proper nutrient utilization and absorption while limiting the amount of toxins that pass through the intestinal barrier.

Muscle Support and Recovery: l-Glutamine provides potential support for muscle function and glycogen replenishment following exercise. In addition, its effects on immune function may support post exercise recovery and resistance.

227 g

Label Information


Suggested use
2-3 tsp. per day, divided, or as directed by a health professional.
Package size
227 grams
Serving size
1 scoop
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Pure Encapsulations
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