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Live Superfoods Nori, Organic, 50 sheets

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Certified organic, vegan and gluten-free nori sheets are air dried and ready for sushi and Asian food garnishes, as well as a delicious sandwich or veggie wrapper filled with avocado and sprouts, and more. 50 sheets per package.

Want more Nori goodness? Live Superfoods Nori Flakes are a great addition to salads and soups. 

Product Details

Live Superfoods Nori

The most commonly seen seaweed in Japanese cuisine is nori. Nori is made from an edible species of seaweed known as the red algae Porphyra. The process of preparing nori involves techniques similar to Japanese paper-making: shredding and then air drying the seaweed. The finished product appears as opaque black, dried sheets of paper.

Nori is one of the first sea vegetables to be written about in Asian history, as early as 701 AD. Nori has also long been popular with the Irish and Welsh, who refer to it as laver.

While nori has traditionally been used for wrapping sushi rolls and commonly used as a garnish in noodle dishes and soups, it is becoming more commonly used as a low calorie, vegan, gluten-free wrapper for sandwiches and salads. Nori has a delicate, mild flavor and light, crispy texture.

Our high quality nori contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A & C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and iron. Nori sheets are 39% protein by weight. It is certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and raw.

50 sheets per package.

Label Information


Organic nori seaweed
Package size
50 sheets
Serving size
1 sheet (2.5g)
Servings per package
Country of origin
Botanical name
Porphyra yezoensis
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Live Superfoods
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