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Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro, 90 count

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  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Hypo-Allergenic
Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro is a multifaceted memory support formula, promoting healthy acetylcholine levels, neuron cell function, cerebrovascular blood flow, and antioxidant protection in the brain. 90 count

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Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro, 90 count

Pure Encapsulations Memory Pro is a multifaceted formula designed to improve neural health, cognitive function, and memory.

Among the several components of Memory Pro are:

Acetyl-l-carnitine, an acetyl donor to support healthy levels of acetylcholine, one of the brain's key neurotransmitters.

Phosphatidylserine, a critical component of neuron function and communication, and research suggests that it promotes healthy neurotransmitter levels and spatial memory.

Bacopa monneira, an Ayurvedic herb that promotes memory, mental function and information processing.

Ginkgo bilboa and vinpocetine enchance cerebral blood flow, vascular integrity, and healthy red blood cell and platelet function within the brain.

Curcumin, resveratrol, and lemon balm extracts protect neurons from oxidative stress and help maintain healthy vascular tissue within the brain.

90 count

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