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Morrocco Method Natural Rubber Scalp Massager

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Morrocco Method Natural Rubber Scalp Massager provides you with the ultimate invigorating scalp therapy! Stimulate blood and air flow to the scalp for increased scalp health, hair growth, and headache relief. 4 1/2" in diameter.

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Morrocco Method Natural Rubber Scalp Massager

This all-natural rubber scalp massager stimulates blood and air flow to the scalp and oil glands for optimal maintenance and rejuvenation of hair.

Scalp massage can improve circulation of blood to the head and face, promoting healthy hair growth and healthy scalp conditions. Scalp massage can also help relieve tension headaches, and some people find it useful for migraine headaches as well.

How to Use:

Massage the scalp one to three times daily using the Morrocco Method Rubber Scalp Massager.

Begin at the nape of the neck where the largest concentrations of sebaceous glands are. Massage gently yet vigerously in a circular motion for three to five minutes until you feel your scalp tingling from increased blood flow.

4 1/2 inches in diameter, made from all-natural rubber.

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Morrocco Method
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