How to Increase Your Pet's IQ

November 29,2016

Sitting around all day can really start to get to your pet. It's important to provide healthy ways for our pets to burn off energy because otherwise dogs and cats can become anxious or depressed or exhibit....

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Improve Your Gut Health With Kefir

November 22,2016

Think of kefir as a supercharged version of yogurt, offering a similar flavor and function but significantly enhanced with an increased variety and quantity of gut-friendly probiotics. These “friendly&rdq....

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Is it Necessary to Take an Iron Supplement After Menopause?

November 18,2016

Taking an iron supplement is usually only necessary for women who are still menstruating or who suffer from iron-deficiency anemia (typically caused by heavy menstrual flow or internal blood loss due to ulcers ....

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6 Superfoods for Diabetics

November 15,2016

It takes a lot of juggling to manage diabetes -- you're supposed to maintain a healthy weight, make healthy food choices, be physically active, and take medications as prescribed. Having a plan and setting real....

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Is Your Pet Too Pudgy?

November 08,2016

Has Fido or Bootsie been looking a little pudgy lately? It’s definitely a possibility considering a new study reveals 54% of dogs and 58% of cats are overweight or obese. Surprisingly though, up to 90% of....

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Butterscotch Banana Parfait

November 04,2016

Add this Butterscotch Banana Parfait to your "must make" list! It takes some work, but it's SO worth the effort! First, roast the sweet homemade granola, then blend up the creamy pudding, then simmer the delici....

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