Eat to Remember: 10 Brain Foods For Runners

July 18,2017

If you’re a runner, you already know the importance of food to fuel your muscles during a workout. But food also improves your brainpower, equally as important during a workout. Call it ironic, but people....

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A Fun Way To Eat Adaptogens: Raw Fudge!

July 14,2017

Adaptogens: finally getting the attention they deserve! Adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue. Ashwagandha and Maca are at the top of our must-have adaptogen lis....

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Meet Irisin: The Fat-Burning Exercise Hormone!

July 11,2017

We’ve already heard diet and exercise are the way to keep weight in check, but to be specific, your WORKOUT may be the real game changer when it comes to shredding extra fat.A hormone called Irisin has be....

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We're Celebrating Chocolate Day for the True Purist!

July 07,2017

Today we celebrate Chocolate Day! Woop Woop! Not milk chocolate though. I'm talking about the high cacao, rich, dark chocolate we crave and love. Even better, pure cacao is a superfood that contains a lot of be....

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3 Must-Try, Unique Summer Popsicles

July 05,2017

The heat turns up and, without fail, my kids ask me for popsicles. But I have to admit, the artificial dyes and vast quantities of sugar so often found in such summer treats is a huge a turn-off. By making....

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Why Post-Workout Yoga Is SO Good!

June 30,2017

Yoga is taking a new place in your fitness routine: at the end of the toughest workouts. Give yourself 10 minutes and you will reap a riot of benefits. Easy enough, right?Think of yoga as the dessert at the end....

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