Curcumin and Cardiovascular Health

February 23,2018

Turmeric, and more specifically its primary active constituent known as curcumin, has been used extensively in ancient and modern times for its medicinal qualities (1, 2). It was used as a traditional remedy in....

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The Best Nutrients For Your Heart

February 20,2018

According to the Center for Disease Control about 610,000 people, or one in every 4 deaths, are attributed to heart disease every year. They also note that heart disease is the leading cause of death in th....

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Treat Migraines Naturally

February 16,2018

Migraine headaches are often debilitating, under-diagnosed, and quite common.Currently only 12 percent of individuals with migraine in the U.S. use any form of preventative therapy, while 98 percent use some fo....

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4 Surprising Heart Harmers

February 13,2018

We’ve all heard diabetes, smoking, and family history are among the top contributors of heart problems, but now research has uncovered some lesser known risk factors:Your gut microbiome plays a much grand....

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Try A Wheatgrass Garden This Winter!

February 09,2018

Do you love wheatgrass? Even if you've never grown your own, don't worry, it's easy! It will also add some lovely color to your kitchen, and you’ll be able to incorporate wheatgrass sprouts all year long.....

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Carbs and Heart Disease

February 07,2018

Ask 10 random people on the street what nutrients to watch for heart health, and you’ll get 10 variations on “saturated fat and cholesterol.”In fact, there’s no real evidence satura....

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